Healing at last and rearing to go

After the cat bite incident of 8th October, subsequent tetanus jab and antibiotics, having to rest my hand and keep it dry and elevated I am relieved to say my hand has healed fully and I can get back to painting again… I started the sea goddess painting a few weeks ago and of course […]

And all of a sudden the day changes

Update regarding the last two days.. on Sunday afternoon my neighbours dog jumped into my garden and chased my cat across our garden and got the cat in it’s mouth..all very sudden and lots of shouting by me and my neighbour very quickly chased after the dog and asked what happened.. he was very concerned […]

Conversing on my favourite subject

Between the rain showers yesterday I went for my usual walk along the road, and on the way back a woman I know well enough to stand and chat to called me over to her to say that she had been to see a local art exhibition in the next village (about three miles away […]

What a heartwarming message to start the year

This week I have received a wonderfully heartwarming email from someone called Craig….here are the main parts of the email he sent to me…. I would like to start by thanking you for the ‘blogs’ you have on your website, and what a profound affect these snippets of your existence have had on me; and […]

Such atmospheric joy

Over Christmas I was delighted to see one of my favourite films… and even though I must have seen it at least four times over the years I thought I’d watch it again….and found that I was totally enthralled with it all over again. The film was ‘Oliver Twist’ – the 1948 black and white […]

An exciting commission for Christmas

I’m always happy to get a commission to do for a client for Christmas. The conversation via email started yesterday, when someone asked me if it was possible to do a pen and ink drawing of a house in Shropshire for someone elses Christmas present. I replied it was possible, and fortunately I was given […]

This is exciting me a lot

I’ve finished the commission I was asked to do for clients a few weeks ago…and I’ve finished the autumnal gardening jobs that have to be done at this time of year when the weather is mild and sunny enough, and before the winter rains come. That took two weeks or so to do… So now […]

Introducing myself via a garden

Yesterday I went for my usual walk on the outskirts of my village, summer or winter, spring, or autumn, I enjoy the walk, it has a few houses, lots of trees, fields, and dappled sunshine at this time of year in this glorious hot summer sunshine. As I walked past one of the houses there […]

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