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Proof indeed that the world moves in mysterious ways

Yesterday afternoon I went for a walk along my usual country lane just outside the village. And saw that there was a dead cat at the side of the road, but partly in the road and I was just contemplating how to move it out of the way when a car drove up and I stopped it and I explained to the young women in it that there was a dead cat and I was trying to move it. The one in the passenger seat immediately offered to help me, which I thanked her for but said I didn’t expect her to do that. We felt that we should put the dead cat on something, and the driver found a large white bag in their car that I could put the cat on. The passenger also suggested that we should photograph the cat when I said about putting a message on the village Facebook page to see if I could let the owner know as we had no idea of where the cat had come from.. I explained to her that I hadn’t got my phone on me so she offered to take a photo of the cat, and email it to me, which she did straight away. I thanked her, put the cat on the white bag and moved it to the side of the road and carried on with my walk, but then I wanted to get back home and put it on the village Facebook page so that anyone looking for the cat would be aware..

I did that, and knew I couldn’t do anymore..

This afternoon, I went for another walk, and it was about the same time and I wondered if the cat had been found, as I got to just before the same place there I happened to see a woman outside the gates of the property there and asked her if the owner of the dead cat had been found. She said tearfully that it was her, and I said with relief that it was me who found her…so she was able to ask me questions regarding where exactly and how she looked, and I was able to explain that I wanted to move the cat off the road away from vehicles and the kind driver of the car I had seen had donated the white bag so that I could put the cat to the side of the road so she could be seen for anyone looking for her. And she tearfully asked me in my opinion if she had suffered and I reassured her she hadn’t, I could tell it had been a quick death. She thought it was maybe an electric vehicle and the cat hadn’t heard it coming, I thought she might be right about that. She said tearfully that she and her husband had buried the cat on their land, and that their other cat was the brother of the dead cat and it had upset him to see her dead. Understandably I said with compassion. I said to her "Can I hug you?" and she said yes, and we hugged as women do with compassion, as she was upset, and I was upset for her, and I told her I love cats too and was so pleased I’d found her to ask, and it turned out that the only reason she was on the road as I passed her was because of a delivery driver who she was on the phone to, who couldn’t find their address, otherwise she wouldn’t have been on the road as I passed her, and I wouldn’t have seen her to ask if the owner of the dead cat had been found…

I said to her about the kindness of strangers when I explained about the car that stopped and they had donated the white plastic bag… and she said "And you too, you were kind.."

She told me she believes in a greater being, in souls going around, and was quite a spiritual person. I told her that I believed that sometimes the world moves so that the right people are in the right place at the same time, and that had indeed happened in this case…

So now I know the cat was called Freya, and the owner is Becky, and she knows I’m Jackie, and we both felt we had closure on the updates for the cat, and had hugs of gratitude, being cat lovers, that I had done the best I could for the dead cat, and the owner of the cat could give her a proper burial.