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By now you’ve had a good look in my galleries at the artwork I’ve created, so you’ve seen the diverse styles and subjects that I can paint and draw. My website shows a full and varied example of the different artworks I can produce, both in traditional, abstract, surreal and fantasy formats. If you have an idea for a painting, contact me by email or phone me, and I’ll happily discuss the various ways of producing it for you.

I will accept commissions on virtually any subject.

Paintings can be in oils, acrylics, or watercolours.

Drawings in graphite pencil, conte pencil, or ink.

All artwork can be any reasonable size, but this can be discussed at the time of ordering. Acrylics and oils can be on board, or canvas, or block canvas.

Please bear in mind that if there is a particular date when you require the painting I will require as much notice as possible to ensure delivery on time. I will need good photographs to work from, with your copyright ownership of the images. Your photographs will be returned to you upon completion.

If you have any special requests for particular colours I will try to accommodate them – whether a favourite colour is to be incorporated, or a disliked colour is to be avoided, or a certain colour scheme is desired. If no colours are specified, I will work to whatever I feel intuitively. I can also paint any subjects in a vivid abstract style – please contact me if you would like to discuss any ideas you have that you would like me to paint for you.

A deposit of 20% is required with your order.

When I have finished the artwork I will send you a photo to make sure you are happy with the finished painting before I send it to you. The balance for the outstanding amount is due then, and I will send the painting when the funds have cleared. I accept payment by PayPal, bank transfer, cheque from a UK bank account, or cash.

The price for postage and packing (or any other transportation costs) will be on top of the price quoted. I would recommend the finished painting is framed to your own personal requirements. Framing can be arranged at additional cost but this will add considerably to the transportation costs.

Receipt invoices, if required, will be issued once final payment has cleared.

Please note, all copyrights remain with the artist unless agreed otherwise, for a fee, with the client.

Please email me, or phone, if you prefer.

Prices will be discussed and agreed before accepting a commission.

But please note that if the design is very complex (for example, in erotic landscapes) there will be an additional charge for the extra design work involved.

Some of the paintings on my website are for sale, and some have already been sold, but it is possible to paint another version of them again to fit your personal choice. Any painting can be re-done in oils, acrylics, watercolour or as a drawing. They can be a different size to the original if you desire, or can be repainted with a change of colours if required. Most things are possible – please email me, or phone, if you would like to discuss anything. It costs nothing to ask.

I’ve learnt over the years with working with various clients that it’s easier than just quoting a set price for a piece of work, to ask a client what their budget is for the artwork they require me to create for them. I have an hourly rate that I work to, but how many hours do you want me to work on it for you? It may be one, it may be many, it’s your choice, for what you can afford and think it’s worth: £30? £300? £3,000? or anything inbetween or over!

If you have any questions or queries or need any help or advice before making your decision, I will be happy to help, it’s free to ask!