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I’d like to start by saying I think your website is amazing and you are a great painter. Your work is exquisite” (J. UK )

Absolutely stunning! Well done you” (L.S. London, UK)

Jackie, such a talented artist, love seeing your updates on your work and watching your progress! Wonderful warm and friendly! An inspiration to all!”  (P.R. Surrey, UK)

You are mind blowingly clever.  Amazing. No idea how you do this. It looks photographic in quality actually” (A. D. London, UK)

Well – WOW!!! Clever clever you” (M.L. Cheshire, UK)

Absolutely amazing. Nothing unusual for such a great artist! Well done Jackie. Absolutely amazing artwork” (M. A. Essex, UK)

Beautiful illustrations” (M.H.T South Africa)

Just had a wander through your work Jackie, enjoyed the journey you are a talented lady” (J.S Leicestershire, UK)

Beautiful work ” (T.S.W Kent, UK)

Thank you so much for all your work, we’ve really appreciated the time, care and skill you’ve put into this” (E.T. Derbyshire, UK, on behalf of Repton Parish Council)

Lovely work Jackie I am very fond of that free painting style” (R. S Cambridgeshire, UK)

I love these pictures” (A. D. Kent, UK)

Thought of your work Jackie Adshead when we passed through and saw the O’Keefe signs at The Tate Modern, and a little girl at the till making her mum buy her a ‘pretty flower picture’ ” (P.W. Kent, UK )

Absolutely wonderful Jackie” (C. B. Cornwall, UK)

I’ve been browsing your website and think your artwork is fantastic!” (M.W. Derbyshire, UK)

Lovely use of colour Jackie” (G. G. Staffordshire, UK)

Jackie is pure genius” (V.P. Yorkshire, UK)

I cannot express how beautiful a gift this is Jackie Adshead. I know I’m biased but I think it’s stunning. Thank you so much” (K.G. Kent, UK)

Loving your work!!” (T.Y. Hertfordshire,  UK)

Wow! hard to describe and do it justice!”  (J.M. Yorkshire, UK)

I am delighted to say that the painting remained a surprise until Xmas, and went down very well. Many thanks for a job very well done”  (I. H. Hertfordshire, UK)

What a talent!   I shall continue to look back at your work with great interest and admiration for what you do.” (E.C. (artist) Coventry UK)

It is true what I said about the stunning clarity of your work, it really makes your work stand out.” (D.M. Dorset)

You certainly have been working very hard to make not only me but my painting look great!” (A.F. London UK)

You’ve brought tears to my eyes because I’m so honored and touched that you’ve painted “me” with such beauty andlove. “ (G.S. Florida USA)

A truly fabulous experience eclipsed only by your skills as an artist to capture that very real moment in time. Something that will live on long after I have gone …. my deepest thanks.”  (K.W. Leicestershire UK)

I looked over your pictures, and they are stunning.” (T.K. New York USA)

You are so especially talented artist with such impressive, emotive and appealing stuff.”  (K.B. Christchurch, New Zealand)

Not only are you a fabulous artist but a very lovely person too.” (K.W. Leicestershire UK)

I can feel all the joyful awakening energy surrounding you over there, in your art, your amazingly loyal and supportive bloggers, and in your artistic soul too!  And it is a wondrous thing to behold.”  (S.K. Maine USA)

You can not – and should never – rush creative genius. When inspiration strikes, that is when the finished result is exquisite (J.C. California USA)

WOW…I love it! Perfect colours. I am so very glad that I sent you pics of the room because you have created the perfect pic for our bedroom. Can’t wait to hang it. Thanks again you are absolutley wonderful. It amazes me what you came up with.” (S.M. Canada)

Once again thank you so much, the painting is lovely and cannot wait to see it.” (D.T. Bath, UK)

I love your talent and your end results” (T.S. Cape Cod, USA)

I think what is most important to you is that the painting . . . any of your paintings, really . . . is meaningful to others.” (M.B. Chicago USA)

Wonderful, wonderful, wonderful, wonderful. Well done, I can’t wait till the recipient sees it, I believe it will give her great enjoyment, a unique painting for a unique person, and I absolutely love the title!… and many thanks indeed for your extremely hard work.” (W.G. Windsor, UK)

The painting is gorgeous, I love the little touches you’ve done” (D.K. Dorset, UK)

Jackie, ur painting is amazing…well done to a wonderful piece of art..thanks for sharing” (M.H.T Eastern Cape, South Africa)

I think therapeutic is a very good word for how I would describe the sitting, and actually feeling part of the creative process was very interesting, as was hearing you explain your thought processes before you even put pencil to paper. (A.F. London UK)

It would be a pleasure to be a part of your innovative work” (B.M. San Francisco USA)

Thank you so much for using your talent to bring attention to the ever-varying ways that women can be beautiful. You should be very proud of what you do.” (M. USA)

think your images celebrate all that is us, evoked when I looked quickly at your gallery, so many emotions in one. Stunning! Clever lady! “ (P.W. Kent, UK)

Your Erotic paintings are fab,  as are your others, after many years of ‘trying to find myself’, I find them very tasteful and sensual.” (N.C. Staffordshire UK)

I’ve been able to open your package and examine the paintings and drawings. They are truly beautiful!  What I saw on the computer doesn’t do justice to the intensity of the colors or the artistry of the compositions.  I’m not sure I could pick any one of them as a favorite . . . every one I view becomes more attractive as I study it and notice details I hadn’t noticed before. Thank you for packaging the art so carefully.  I certainly appreciate everything you’ve put into these beautiful works”. (M.B. Chicago USA)

I am absolutely delighted with the drawing and thank you so much for the wonderful feelings this one (and the others) create for me. I am still in awe that someone of your ability takes the time to make me feel so welcome and is prepared to use me as a model; after all I am just an ordinary guy. I cannot find words to describe how incredibly humbling I find the experience and yet it somehow inspires something inside to do with personal achievement and knowing more about yourself. It certainly feeds my spirit too and the ‘high’ posing gives is unlike anything I have ever experienced – whether it is the overcoming of nerves or perhaps doing something we are conditioned to think of as being naughty ….. whatever it is, I thank you.” (K.W. Leicestershire UK)

Well, believe it or not, I’m no novice but this is the first time I have ever sent an e’mail to anyone other that those I know ! But in this case I could not ignore the appreciation of your art and your personality – you also make me laugh (no offence mean’t) – sheer enjoyment ! I will be making the time to visit your site again – thank you” (K.T. UK)

Talent’s like cream – It always floats to the top.” (R.T. Derbyshire, UK)


You can read the entire article here »
You can read the entire article here »

When did you start creating erotic art?

What inspired you?

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Well the 8th March was International Women’s Day and I was honoured and delighted to be asked to do a talk about being an Erotic Artist at the Library at Burton on Trent in celebration of it, alongside designer Mariama Tushemeriirwe, author Janet Bennett and singer Hayley Di Rito who was accompanied by Blue Yates on the guitar. The audience was very appreciative of our talks, which were very inspirational for many of them.

It was interesting for me to hear the other speakers talk about aspects of their lives, and to hear the positive affirmation of striving to follow your dreams, overcoming hardships, finding people who inspire and help your creativity, finding support through like-minded people, and being brave enough to tell others about it and finding how much they  appreciate the fact you do! Wow! What a night.

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As an Erotic Artist, Jackie Adshead has always felt that it is important to create art with hidden or humorous undertones. She loves her artwork to have an instant rapport – one that people can strongly relate to and which brings out the sensuality that appeals to a large extent to women.

With this aim in mind, she has proudly started a project that explores this to the full. And since she believes a piece of art should try to convey some form of message on more than one level she wanted to create a conversation piece that also contained the ultimate delicious private joke!

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Derbyshire writer Stuart Haywood contacted me in November 2008 with regard to me drawing him, and was so delighted with the encounter that he wrote to me to describe his experience of it. Stuarts local paper weren’t happy about publishing it, when he sent it to them, which was a shame as it made me laugh out loud in a couple of places.

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Well I must say that Thursday certainly was an experience, although I do mean that in a good and positive way and it certainly wasn’t unpleasant, nor as it turns out was it anything to worry about either. During my drive back I was trying to think how I would describe it and I didn’t really come up with anything as such. But I was drawn to the title of one of your recent blog entries “Empowered” and it certainly was an empowering experience, but really it was so much more than that, I felt a great sense of achievement in becoming part of something that will last, well longer than me really.

You can read the entire article here »

Good morning Jackie and thank you for another wonderful drawing!!

It just makes my head spin!!!

Once again I must thank you for the fabulous emotions the picture evokes, especially on a personal level. Our meetings are so wonderfully relaxing and I always look forward to them, excited about the drawing but also to share some time with you. I wonder how the Mona Lisa felt to see her painting? The knowledge that it is you in the picture is a tremendously powerful emotion. For a normally quiet and modest person, it is a huge sense of achievement to stand before you, the focus of your attention. For such a wonderfully skilled artist to spend time with me and to be a small part of your work is such a priveledge. I enjoy every moment. When others see the pictures you have created, they see a male form, beautifully drawn and certainly there is that warmth about them – the ‘feminine touch’ as you said. I wonder what they see? Powerful images certainly. Do they see me as the generally reserved kind of chap that I am, or because I am naked, do they see a more brazen type of character, eager to show his ‘bits’? No matter how often I look, I think they see the real me … the drawings are so tender that there is that sense of quiet allure about them, all things showing or not.

This drawing, perhaps more than the others (because of their more explicit nature), would stand well in any gallery and it makes me immensely proud to think that it could be seen in a public gallery without any problem at all. Proud because of the quality of the work (you really should see some of the poor efforts I have seen about my travels) but especially proud of the moments we shared creating the work. Somehow “Thank you” doesn’t seem enough.
I am sure I will see you soon for another drawing and I look forward to that.

KW – Leics        April 2010


I was amused by Friday’s post about creativity . . . among other things, you have trained your mind to see interesting things that are there in plain view, but others mentally edit out because they are not connected with their present purpose.  You capture them, translate them to visual media, and surprise and delight your audience with their beauty.  What a wonderful talent!

MB – Chicago, USA        February 2010


Dear Jackie

Enclosed are my recollections of the production of the wonderful cards. They are absolutely brilliant.
I do not have a favourite at the moment but no doubt one will emerge.  Many thanks for your patience over this project. I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did.

A few months ago I conceived the idea of having a few greetings cards produced to send to friends.

I wanted the cards to be well composed and amusing. The theme was to be me in the nude in four poses. As I am 73 years old, part of the humour is concerned with my age and also my sex as I consider the male genitalia must have been designed by someone who was a practical joker.

Who could produce these cards? Of course the answer was you as only 18 months previously you had depicted me in the nude in two beautiful drawings of which I am extremely proud. I knew from that experience that as well as being an accomplished artist, you are also a very delightful person, very patient, enthusiastic and encouraging. I would not have to divest myself of all clothing for a stranger which I find a bit of a trial.

When I rang you to tell of my intentions and would you be interested in the project your answer was an emphatic ‘yes’.

I next visited you and I ran through my ideas and we discussed the pictures and captions to accompany them.

We agreed on four cards, two to be quite innocuous, one explicit depiction and the other less so.

When I picked up the completed cards I was thrilled with them. They are my personal statement and unique gift to my friends and family. I left the captions off as I prefer to use different ones to different people.

As usual, I am in awe of your talent as an artist and it has been my great good fortune to have met you. I have learned much about myself and a little bit about you and your art.

My confidence has been much enhanced. The days have gone when I considered doing a course in self-confidence but didn’t because I was afraid to register.

Love Stuart

Stuart Haywood        April 2010