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This is exciting me a lot

I’ve finished the commission I was asked to do for clients a few weeks ago…and I’ve finished the autumnal gardening jobs that have to be done at this time of year when the weather is mild and sunny enough, and before the winter rains come. That took two weeks or so to do…

So now I can get back to the piece of artwork I started in August, and then had to put on hold whilst I went on holiday to France in September. So now I can restart it. Its something I’ve not painted before in the way they are put together in this composition. I have painted three of the things before, all exciting subjects on their own, and ones that I adore painting. So putting them all together in one painting is intriguing me as to how they will look.. and I am more than half way through the painting and they are looking just how I hoped… an exciting painting, that is going to need an interesting title to go with it…so I’m thinking about that as I paint the picture…. I love this painting!