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What a heartwarming message to start the year

This week I have received a wonderfully heartwarming email from someone called Craig….here are the main parts of the email he sent to me….

I would like to start by thanking you for the ‘blogs’ you have on your website, and what a profound affect these snippets of your existence have had on me; and in a really positive way. I have an account on social media and a contact in a group on there posted a link to Stuart’s Telegraph article, and that is what led me to discover your website; and the joyous detail within.

Whilst not actually knowing you I could feel the enthusiasm and warmth of your words and description of your journey through life; with all it’s ups & downs. Your discovery of your passion for erotic art predominantly over other types, divorce, losing a parent, moving home a few times, finding a new partner, branching out to different mediums and making numerous wonderful connections with clients and fans alike. Like you (though not to the same extent) I have circumvented big changes over the past few years, and not without heartache and upset and struggles too; so I can identify with your anxieties and comfort when you finally get through them

When I suddenly discover your blogs, having never read a blog in my life; I was suddenly immersed in your journey with total interest.

I have no connections to art myself, other than my late father was a painter & decorator by profession; and in later life he ‘self taught’ himself oil and watercolour painting (with the help of Bob Ross tv shows). I have never been to a gallery or anything of that sort, I had no understanding of posing or modelling; or anything of your world…but have found it fascinating. Your blogs have been something to occupy my mind, and distract me from an ordinary and mundane lifestyle; and give me positive outlook for what the future could bring. There are many questions I would love to ask of your work, but appreciate that you are probably far too busy to answer all communications you receive; but I thought I would say a big ‘thank you’ as I am aware you appreciate any feedback of your efforts.

I do hope to hear from you, if I may be able to ask my questions or provide my views on these adventures of yours; who knows it may inspire me also.

May your brushes continue to flow with colour, and your ears and heart be full of cacophonies of real and beautiful music (obviously I mean most forms of Rock, with a little dance music I suppose; though if it were me painting I’d be dancing to it…and paint would be flying everywhere….lol.

I hope this correspondence puts a smile your face.

Kind regards,