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The sort of day that makes me very happy

Yesterday a guy came to see me from Northamptonshire, a two hour journey to Kent, and I hadn’t met him before.

He brought with him a good friend of mine, Jo, who is a mutual friend of ours. It was nice to meet him face to face, we had spoken on the phone a couple of weeks ago and then arranged this meeting. He wanted me to paint a picture for him so it was a business meeting mostly but with the extra catch up with conversation with my friend Jo. He and I chatted about the commission he wants doing, and whilst he was with me he saw various artwork that I’ve painted and the latest painting I finished the day before ‘Come on in’ and loved it.

Whilst he was with me I also showed him a selection of landscapes that I had done as he had mentioned in the phone call a couple of weeks ago that he may be wanting to purchase one, if he liked it, he had seen my website so knew about my art and had seen the landscapes on there… I showed him the selection of about ten pictures and straight away he pointed at one and said he liked that one, and I was delighted because he picked the one that was my gut reaction to the one he would like the best…its nice to know that we were on the same wavelength! And that he wanted to buy it!

He was with me about six hours, and I felt I got to know him well, because as an artist I want to know the people who like my artwork and are talking about commissioning me. I’m sure its important to him as much as me.

And he listened whilst my husband and I chatted with Jo, the four of us getting on well in this eclectic business and social visit.

I’m ready to start the painting he wants me to do when he has paid me the deposit this week, and look forward to painting the new painting.

We waved him and Jo off, on their journey back to Northamptonshire about 6pm, and my husband asked me if I still wanted to go out later on as we had thought we might to meet friends and I said yes, I was happy to, and got ready to go out.

We met up with various friends later that night about 8ish, and EVERY ONE of them as they walked in and said hello made a comment about the ‘Come on in’ painting I had painted and put on my Facebook page the day before…. EVERY ONE of them said they loved it, that it was the best painting I had done! I was so delighted with that upbeat and positive feedback!

So yesterday was the best sort of day.. the sort when I feel that I am ‘An Artist of renown’ as a good arty friend used to refer to me!

I really feel that I am!!