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Conversing on my favourite subject

Between the rain showers yesterday I went for my usual walk along the road, and on the way back a woman I know well enough to stand and chat to called me over to her to say that she had been to see a local art exhibition in the next village (about three miles away in the valley) and there was just time for me to go and see it if I wanted…before I had chance to ask more about it, she said that the art was abstracts, that she didn’t particularly like, in blotches of depressing colours, that she didn’t find inspiring in any way, I asked how much the artwork was and she said they were £3,000 !!!!! So I smiled and asked if any had sold and she said not that she’d noticed…she then asked me if I was interested in going to it, and I smiled and said "You’re not selling the idea to me!!!!" because she obviously thought it was overpriced rubbish so I knew I certainly would too!

She talked about a friend of hers in Wales who couldn’t draw, but could paint brightly coloured abstract paintings that were very popular with hotels, and I said I once met a young man who was very good at promoting himself but rubbish at drawing, but still managed to sell his art (exploding paint on large boards) to friends of his fathers for large amounts of money. I’m a professional artist and quite often wonder why people buy another artists work when I can tell that its not of good quality in any way…! Having said that I have sold paintings for good prices, and have so much experience in painting pictures that people like and make them happy. She likes to draw particularly spring flowers, and likes to use oils. I said I’ve used oils in the past but prefer acrylics now as I can glaze the fine tones, and get more depth of colour with acrylics, plus they dry so fast I can get on with the painting.

At the end of the conversation, which lasted about 30 minutes, I said "You’ve been to see an art exhibition you didn’t rate, I’ve not seen it and yet we’ve had a long conversation about ART! That’s why I love art!"

I smiled as I walked back in the rain, I’m always happy to talk about art!!