I’ve not been able to blog for a while – I’ll explain why on the next post, but just to let you know and maybe keep you intrigued until then (cos I’d hate you to get bored!) I’ll then tell you the connections between what I’ve recently learnt about being unnoticed and noticed at the […]

Moon struck

I went to an art workshop yesterday. I go to them regularly and always get something from the experience. The tutors are different in their approach and subject matter but they’re invariably happy to pass on tips about their painting techniques. This workshop was no different. The guy who did it though, was worried that […]

The story so far

It seems that if I’m not being creative painting a picture, I’m being creative putting words together to describe how I’m creative with producing my artwork. So, since I’ve finished the erotic landscape now, I’ve been busy over the weekend thinking about what I’m going to write about myself for a new book I’m going […]


When it flows, it flows. When its hard work it shows. It’s better when it flows, and for me its better when the whole thing just flows in one easy liquid movement. What on earth are you talking about, you’re now asking yourself, cos it all sounds cryptic so far! Well, I’ll explain……. sometimes I’ll […]

Cartoons and good causes

I’ve just sent my entry piece to the bloggers good cause charity book as promoted on Vi’s blog post the other week entitled You’re not the only one. I’m sure they’ll get a load of interest from other bloggers and I hope its the success they long for. And whilst I’m on the subject of […]

What do you see

That last blog post was most interesting! Mostly for what other people see in my artwork that I don’t always intend! Now I’m not sure if that’s because everyone who reads my blog has an active and fertile furtive imagination (!) or because anyone, however vanilla they are, will always see other things within an […]

Random facts (Number 2)

Well this Amazing Blogger award has come around another time, so thank you Indigo for nominating me again! Right then seven more random facts about me – ok they are: 1. I arrived in Buenos Aires the day the Argentinians were celebrating the Falklands War. 2. I was treated like a movie star in Shanghai. […]