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Big big stuff

Well, you’re not going to believe this – but after almost a year of talking about it – I’ve finally done it! And its turned out exactly as I had hoped as well as being far more than I had hoped – if that makes sense……

I’ve painted something so very close to my heart – something that may well be the “big thing” in my artistic life – maybe even the ultimate “thing” – I wonder, unless it moves me on to other even more important things. Maybe.

I need to explain more for you to understand what I’m talking about…….

I’ve been painting all my life – all of it – and the majority of what I’ve painted has been representational – in that it looks like whatever it is, and I’ve put my artistic talents into painting a good version of it in my own style. And anyone looking at the painting would know what it is and recognise it as such.

But my big dream of last year was to paint something so totally different, it was just a “feeling” – a strong one, but not at all my normal way of painting, and this is why I’m so totally excited about what I’ve done recently – because its pulled something out of me that I didn’t fully recognise was there – its big stuff, this!!!

What I’ve painted, if you haven’t already gathered, as the “Fantasy Fannies” that I’ve been wanting to paint for the last year since it was first mooted – and now that I’ve done them, I’m stunned by their beauty, their vibrancy, their life and soul, the very embodiment of them!

And the reason I’m so taken with them, is because of the way I’ve painted them – although they are drawn from the gynealogical photos I have, and are representational in their basic shapes – the way I have painted them is by “feeling” the abstract colour of each area. Normally, to paint an area in painting, I will look at the colour and think “Well, that’s a bit of burnt sienna, with a touch of cobalt blue and maybe a little raw sienna to tone it down” – and that is the colour I’m seeing, so that is the colour I paint. But not with these fanny paintings – I will look at the area of colour I’m about to paint and I might think “Well, it looks pinky with a touch of purple going into yellow, but theres a bit of blue there too” – BUT what I will paint is the colour it feels like compared to the colours around it – and that may well be bright orange or lime green! And since the whole painting is painted that way – it makes for a very interesting and dynamic painting! But now that I’ve done quite a few of the paintings, when they are all viewed together, they have a HUGE WOW factor!!!!!! Fucking hell, YYEEEESSSSSSS !!!!!!!!

They’re beautiful……….. Really beautiful.

I’ve reached down into my soul to paint them – and it shows. Its like nothing else I’ve ever done before. Ever.

But you’re going to have to wait a bit before I show them to you…………………

16 thoughts on “Big big stuff”

  1. Lucy Felthouse

    Oooh, I can’t wait to see them! Ooh dear, how perverted do I sound? I’m dying to see your paintings of fannies! Ah, well, who am I kidding. I’m a big perv.

    Well done xxx

  2. Spiky Zora Jones

    Oh jackie…you always get my artistic side boiling. You excite me! Your passion on what you do is so FUCKING wonderful.

    Sorry but the curse word has umph…and that’s what I felt…umph. You excite me with talk of art and I see the passion in you coming out and I see the happiness of an artist. Of an artist that has brought things you wanted to accomplish out.

    BRAVO Jackie. I can’t wait to see it.

    Ciao babes.

  3. Jackie Adshead

    Spiky – Yeh, I’ve got passion for what I do – BIG time! And to achieve what I’d planned to do is mega for me, certainly! And I’m really glad it excites you too…. !

  4. Jackie Adshead

    Hornymaleuk – Yes, I thought you might….. ! And the answer is seven, so far……

  5. That’s another of my fantasy’s…. loads of pussie’s… so don’t keep us waitin Jackie~ come on !!!!!!!

  6. Jackie – have you done mine yet??

    If so – pleeeeease show me my fanny! Tee hee!

  7. I’m with Indigo on this. Let’s see all those pussies!!!!

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