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French fancy

Before I show you all of my many faceted fannies I’ll just tell you about my holiday! I’ve just had a much well deserved week in the South of France and I just fell totally in love with the beautiful colours there. Such purity! Such lovely bright pastel shades. And the Cote d’Azure is so well named (well, perhaps they put some thought to it before they named it!) – the sea really IS azure. And clear. And so very appealing in its beautiful depths – you just want to dive in and luxuriate in it. And the buildings are gorgeous shades of yellow and orange, apricot, peach and cream, with shutters of blue or green. An artists paradise! I’ve taken loads of photos and can see loads of paintings coming from them. Big wow factor.

And today, before I’ve had chance to properly get my breath back, I’ve attended an art workshop and the title of it was “Mediterranean light”- how apt is that! The tutor did a beautiful pastel of Monte Carlo – and I was able to tell him with a grin that I was actually THERE on Tuesday!!!! Yay! So I could totally relate to the colours he was using and the viewpoint he was working from. I chose to do a panoramic viewpoint taken from a tiny hilltop village called Eze, just along the coast from Monte Carlo – and when he saw my photo he said that he’d stood in EXACTLY the same place to do the same painting! He reckoned there was loads of paint splattered around that viewpoint from all the artists that had stood in the very same spot! So I’m in illustrious company!! The painting has the bay of Nice in the far distance, the next cove is of Ville Franche, and the headland jutting into the ocean is Cap Ferrat. I’m pleased with the painting – its a good rendition of a beautiful view overlooking a beautiful part of the world. Very very beautiful………..

7 thoughts on “French fancy”

  1. “Beautiful…” can almost smell the sea, feel the breeze on my skin.

  2. a gorgeous painting – i fancy diving into clear water right now.

  3. Spiky Zora Jones

    UI missed yousweetie.As if you don’t know what i will say…hehehe I love the painting.
    I do love the colors or more how you used them. Is it like being in St Thomas and St Martin?

    Ciao babe.

  4. VERY nice!! I know what you mean about the colour of the water. It was the same where we were in Spain, the colour of the water against the ‘desert mountains’ was so vast! I wish I knew how to paint like you do!

  5. Jackie Adshead

    Spiky – Aw, that’s nice that you missed me, thankyou…..

    Glad you love the painting, and the colours. I can’t answer your question, though, about St Thomas and St Martin – its not an area I know.

  6. Jackie Adshead

    Trixie – Well if you want me to paint a picture for you, from your holiday photos I’ll do it with pleasure for you. It’d be a nice momento of your holiday.

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