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Like buses – three come at once!

Nothing happens for ages and then three come at once, and before you ask, no, I’m not talking about a threesome, I’m referring to me being on a roll this week producing artwork! I’ve done three drawings that I’m really happy with and they are the one’s I’m referring to! I’m working on a set of paintings for the gallery I’ve recently found and hope soon to take them along to see what reaction they get. I’m thinking about them like a “pick and mix” – so anyone could buy all of them, or a couple, three, or four, and they would all go together in any mix as a set, and would look like they belong together. It’s taken me a while to think about the set as a whole, and as a collection but now I’m really happy about the way they pull together and work well as a group. They are all white on black drawings with a touch of red in them somewhere to add interest and add to the raunchy feel of them – which is why the set is going to be called “Scarlet women”. I just love that title!

The first drawing is the back view of a woman in a corset with a tiny black thong showing off her lovely bum and black elbow length gloves accentuating the hint of her red jewellery – thick chunky bracelet at wrist and the small earrings – are they rubies? She’s raising her champagne glass to toast someone or something – so the title just HAD to be “Bottoms up!” – I adore that name and just couldn’t resist it!!!! It makes me smile.
The second drawing is of a woman lying face down on a sofa, her gorgeous bum rounded and inviting, her legs slightly akimbo she’s naked except for just a pair of red high heeled shoes – a delicious invite for her lover! Her face is hidden by her blonde hair, but she’s looking back over her shoulder in invitation, her eyes glinting in knowledge of her desirability. I’ve done this drawing before and it’s on my website, but this one has proper red shoes and is called “Red red shoes” in acknowledgement of that.
The third drawing is more raunchy and depicts a woman feeling the heat, she’s fingering her long hair as it falls down over her face, her slip is falling down off her shoulders, revealing her rounded breast and the nipple. Her mouth is open, her eyes closed in ecstasy. And her right hand reaches downwards….. This picture is called “Red hot”.
I love all these drawings for various reasons but I know which of the three I prefer best and the reasons why, but which do you like best?

8 thoughts on “Like buses – three come at once!”

  1. I also like them all but #3 is my favorite. She seems more relaxed and welcoming. The red high-lights are brilliant in all three. All are beautiful, as always, Jackie!

  2. Jackie Adshead

    Nitebyrd – Thats my favourite one! I’m glad you like them all, I love the effect of the red high-lights as well.

  3. Cormac Mac Art

    Red Hot. Its a frontal, and immeasurably sensual. Looking at it just makes me want to urge her to put her hands between her legs!

  4. Jackie Adshead

    Cormac mac art – Yeh, its the “red hot” one for me too – its just got loads of raunch and OOoomph!!!! 🙂

  5. Hi there Jackie;
    i love these black and white paintings with the red highlights a lot. Beautiful!

    Sweet greetz from moonheart

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