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Decluttering the dust

Its been an extremely productive day, art wise, extremely! And yet…… I haven’t once picked up a paintbrush to paint or drawn anything or produced any artwork at all today. The nearest I’ve come to any artwork was a pastel drawing of a topless woman that I framed for the Erotic Guild of Artists gallery, the next time I go there.

No, the reason I say I’ve had a productive art day is because I’ve had a tidy up in my studio – how exciting you yawn, and yet it has been! I’ve thrown virtually nothing away except odd scraps of paper with scrawled notes long since written (and acted upon) but what I have done is put all my reference art books together on book shelves, I’ve loads of them on subjects as diverse as figure drawing, fantasy art, big cats, sex, erotic art, favourite artists, women in art, more sex, photography, sex positions, Australia, New Zealand, how to capture light in paintings, and more sex positions (well, it IS art, honest!!!!). As well as those I have a whole load of art magazines, gallery catalogues, and photo albums for reference subjects. I have files for various useful papers, and more notes on scraps of paper to be acted upon. And that’s all before I get to the paints (watercolours, acrylics, oils, gouache), water pots, brushes (for watercolour and also oils/acrylics), palettes, and other collected accoutrement’s of the active artist. And at the end of moving most of the things to slightly new positions, I have a whole load of something wonderful …….. Sigh! Yes, I have S P A C E !!!!! Loads and loads of it, to spread out in, to work in, to have freedom to fill with art and NOT CLUTTER! And I expect that when I get to use that space I’ll produce better artwork because I’m not having to work around piles of papers and pots and brushes that I’m not currently using! So, yeh, its been a productive time!!

Yesterday the woman who commissioned the freebee Christmas card design back in June came to collect it. It was the first time she’d been to my house and we’d not met before. We got on well enough and as we chatted I showed her the Three kings design I’d done for her, which she was delighted with. So I was happy too! I had a few paintings stacked up in my studio, ready to go for exhibitions, and showed her a few of them so she could see what else I did, she knew I did pen and ink drawings but didn’t know what else I do – and she said what most people say when they see my work – she commented on how diverse I was , and I agreed, I am! I only showed her the sexy large lips kissing I’ve just finished, a French village landscape, a Venetian night scape, a dramatic English Gothic landscape, some tigers in a snowstorm, a family of swans back lit under a tree, an old Cornish fishermans hut, a pair of fantasy unicorns in a woodland glade and an oil painting of an old country cottage with faces hidden within the flower garden (and that’s only a SMALL amount of what I do, because I kept off the erotic stuff!). She was impressed with me and my artwork, and asked me how much I’d charge to paint her two children’ s portraits. She said she’d discuss it with her husband and come back to me. So that was a good productive visit too! Yay!

Now.. where did I put my favourite paintbrush… and should I categorise all the art books alphabetically into fantasy/cats and SEX – nah, I haven’t got one complete shelf long enough for the sex stuff!!! 🙂

6 thoughts on “Decluttering the dust”

  1. Oh I know how you feel about the ‘clean’ studio. I do that once in awhile with my work space. Unfortunately it doesn’t take me long to mess it up again!

  2. Lucy Felthouse

    Haha, you should see the room I’m sitting in right now, it’s full of books, and tons of them are smutty!! Ahh… got to love my job! x

  3. Jackie Adshead

    Lucy – Sigh, yeh, its a tough job we do, isn’t it – working with all these erotic books!!?! 🙂

  4. This is interesting. My desk at work is always clear. When I’m working I just have my laptop, my diary, and a few papers. However my table at home is a mess, and (like you) I have regular clean ups. Similarly my work e-mails are all carefully filed, but my personal e-mails are all over the place. I live two very different lives (as you know)!!

  5. Jackie Adshead

    Hornymaleuk – I can understand that your private stuff is less tidy than the work environment – I wonder what that says about you and the life you live – one very upfront and organised and one maybe more…… muddled?!

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