I spent all morning yesterday sorting out three paintings to enter into a local art competition. The pictures were already painted and framed, I just had to sort out the details for the stipulations for entering them in the competition – on the back of the painting had to be the name of artist (I […]

Black feathers

Whilst thinking of ideas for ways of doing the sexy picture of Cherrie cavorting in her boa I thought it would make a nicely erotic picture to draw a woman wearing a black feather boa, on a black background, but only capturing the white of her skin through the feathers. I also wanted the solid […]

Is it exciting?

………….Well is it? Waiting to have your picture painted. Knowing the artist is going to work on your image, is thinking about you, trying to capture your essence, although she’s not met you yet. She’s working from her knowledge of you, from a photograph infront of her and a few all too brief written words, […]

Scarlet woman

After various conversations this week regarding stockings and suspenders, I thought it might be a nice idea to do an erotic drawing of some! I’m half happy with the image…. for me it needs more dramatic darks in it to give the lost and found edges that I love in a drawing, which make the […]