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Queynte 14

Well I’ve been fannying around again this week – up to my elbows in fanny… 🙂 Well, actually, one in particular! This one! Its taken me awhile to get around to doing it, but well worth the wait I think! Its been specially requested by Sweat shop sissy, and I had a request for the colours of it to fit in with the decor of the bedroom that it’s going to hang in, in pride of place, over the bed, and I was delighted to adhere to that request as basic colours but added other complementary colours adding high-lights and contrasts. It also helped that the recipient had emailed me a couple of photos of her bedroom, so I could see the colour of the bedroom furniture and incorporate that into the colours for the Queynte too. I emailed her the finished image last week and was told she did the happy dance when she saw it! That’s good to hear then!!! 🙂 She likes it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Its featured here on Sweat shop sissys blog.

And I was also delighted when I found out the country that its going to – its not one I’ve sold a painting to before, so that’s a first for me! Yay!!

Well, here it is……Whaddduuyyyathink?

12 thoughts on “Queynte 14”

  1. I LOVE it! The colors are amazing, it conjours images of a fabulous tropical island in a beautiful, thriving ocean!

  2. Sweat Shop Sissy

    OMG, it’s gorgeous!
    I only see 12 up on your other site. Shouldn’t this be lucky #13?
    Also, how do you pronounce ‘Queynte’?

  3. Jackie Adshead

    Sweat shop sissy – I’m delighted you love it so much!!

    No, its definately number 14. I haven’t put 13 on my website yet, that’s why its missing!

    I pronounce Queynte as I read it – like “quaint”, but the old English way is to exaggerate the “te” at the end to sound like “tay”.

  4. ” WOW ” it’s just as lovely and wickedly depicted as all the other pussy’s… er I mean fannies! Nicely done to Jackie.. you clever girl..!

  5. Spiky Zora Jones

    I love how you stealthly put the woman in the painting too…
    it’s beautiful.

    awesome art work sweetie.

    Ciao hon.

  6. The colours certainly are lovely and I can see why you were both so pleased with the end result!

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