I’ve never seen her before in my life

He arrived on my doorstep today, as we’d planned. And I knew before he had even walked through the door, what he was after. But, I sidestepped, and changed the subject before he had chance to say anything, and instead lead him into my studio to see the canvas I’d started painting yesterday, the one that […]

But what’s it like?

Some things have a definite answer. Particularly when it comes to time…… how long does it take to soft boil an egg? How long will it take to drive to Edinburgh? When’s tea? How long will it take you to get ready? (well.. ok, that’s EASY for a man to answer, but not a woman, […]

Recollections of the collection

As I had fully expected, the postman arrived today bearing a long letter from Stuart writing about his experience of commissioning me to do the cheeky cards artwork for him. He has given permission for me to print the pertinent parts of it here……. Dear Jackie Enclosed are my recollections of the production of the wonderful […]

Letters sent from the heart

As I had expected I had a missive from Stuart this week describing his feelings about our drawing session the other day and his thoughts about the next one…. the salient points are here….. Dear Jackie     Thankyou for the beautiful drawings you created yesterday. It was an enjoyable and interesting afternoon if rather arduous. I did not realise […]

Fully satiated

Sometimes it’s difficult to make arrangements to have a drawing session with a model, it’s like any other business arrangement, where you have to find compatible days and times to suit both parties. But once done, its easy to keep to that arrangement. But also it has to be borne in mind that sometimes the model […]

Friends and posing

I’ve been more aware this week than any other of the good friends I’ve made through being an Erotic Artist. In a strange way, they’re all connected this week. Is the Universe pulling them all together for me for some reason? Well…. maybe MY universe is. I think that maybe the case anyway. Its making […]

Stuarts words

Having received Stuarts article for the local paper, and spoken to him today, I was sorry to hear that the local paper aren’t happy about publishing it. Its a shame, as it made me laugh outloud in a couple of places. But, I would like to post it here – and he has given his […]


Now we’ve got Christmas out of the way, I thought I’d share with you the letter I’ve had from the chap I drew the other week. He’s happy for me to show his letter here, as well as the drawings I did of him…. Dear Jackie I have knocked out this piece about the sitting […]

Dear Jackie….

I’ve had a letter from the elderly chap I drew last week saying how much he and his wife love the drawings, and thanking me. He was nervous before he met me but said that his misgivings were entirely misplaced, as my confidence, good humour, talent and friendliness assuaged all his fears! He said that […]

All change

Recently I’ve been looking at a painting I’ve got in my studio, it’s just been propped up against the wall for ages and ages. I did it a couple of years ago and everytime I look at it, something niggles at me that its not quite “right”. I haven’t been able to tell myself exactly […]

Unfinished business

How do you rate a success? How do you decide whether something has gone right? Mmm… not always by the end result, but sometimes by the journey itself, I think. And that is how I view the most recent painting I’ve done of Hornymaleuk and my female model. The event was a success, the creative […]

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