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Letters sent from the heart

As I had expected I had a missive from Stuart this week describing his feelings about our drawing session the other day and his thoughts about the next one…. the salient points are here…..

Dear Jackie     Thankyou for the beautiful drawings you created yesterday. It was an enjoyable and interesting afternoon if rather arduous. I did not realise how exhausting posing can be. I suppose that, at my age, my stamina is not what it was. Well I am a septinagenarian……Next week I would like to concentrate on the pose concerning long johns….as this will probably be my last as a top model, I would like to make it memorable and amusing……thank you for your diligence in this matter. For me it has been a wonderful experience. I find you the most easy person to get on with making so easy the removal of clothes.    Love Stuart.  

And this followed on from an email I had this week from my usual male model who also felt the need to extol my virtues after our last drawing session…

Good morning Jackie and thank you for another wonderful drawing!!

It just makes my head spin!!!

Once again I must thank you for the fabulous emotions the picture evokes, especially on a personal level. Our meetings are so wonderfully relaxing and I always look forward to them, excited about the drawing but also to share some time with you. I wonder how the Mona Lisa felt to see her painting? The knowledge that it is you in the picture is a tremendously powerful emotion. For a normally quiet and modest person, it is a huge sense of achievement to stand before you, the focus of your attention. For such a wonderfully skilled artist to spend time with me and to be a small part of your work is such a priveledge. I enjoy every moment. When others see the pictures you have created, they see a male form, beautifully drawn and certainly there is that warmth about them – the ‘feminine touch’ as you said. I wonder what they see? Powerful images certainly. Do they see me as the generally reserved kind of chap that I am, or because I am naked, do they see a more brazen type of character, eager to show his ‘bits’? No matter how often I look, I think they see the real me … the drawings are so tender that there is that sense of quiet allure about them, all things showing or not.

This drawing, perhaps more than the others (because of their more explicit nature), would stand well in any gallery and it makes me immensely proud to think that it could be seen in a public gallery without any problem at all. Proud because of the quality of the work (you really should see some of the poor efforts I have seen about my travels) but especially proud of the moments we shared creating the work. Somehow “Thank you” doesn’t seem enough.

I am sure I will see you soon for another drawing and I look forward to that.

Aw, I’m really touched by both of these letters. I sometimes forget what I do for other people when I do a drawing of them. Here I am reminded, and deeply touched at their kind words.

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  1. What lovely letters. You are held in high regard, Jackie. Deservedly so.

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