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Feeling the need

The second time he took his clothes off for me he was far more relaxed. He’d enjoyed the first experience so much that he told me he’d found a new hobby! He found the experience of sitting naked in my company to be liberating, and thoroughly enjoyable he said, but I wasn’t to think that he would do it for just ANYBODY – it was something he was happy to keep for me alone. And I was very touched by that sentiment. Because I know its not easy. And he’s not done it before for anyone else.
I don’t think I could do it, and sit still for that time, and I’d  be sure to get an itch or feel a draught. So because of that I’m aware of my models needs, of making sure they feel happy and relaxed and enjoy the experience as much as possible. It’s in my interests to do so – because a happy model will sit still for as long as I need them to. But its more than that too – its having a rapport with the model. Since you’re sitting in the same room together, albeit one of you naked and the other one drawing the nakedness. It helps if you actually like each other. It doesn’t have to be a stony silence. It doesn’t have to be clinical and detached. Its better for me if I feel relaxed, and at ease too. A happy artist makes happy art. So, if there’s a bit of chit-chat that’s nice as well.  If there’s some music to help me draw that helps too. If its got a good beat to it, that helps  enormously for me. If the model likes the same music, then that improves the whole thing. And when the model announces after listening to Bryan Adams that it was ok but what he really likes is Paul Rogers then that makes me a VERY happy bunny!!!!!! YAY!!!! We like the same music! And added to all that, it helps if you have a similar sense of humour. Something to smile about, and share the smile together. And having an ease of personalites helps too ………….So when you’re hesitating over the pose and you’re not quite sure how to voice your concerns and the model says “Do you want me to move my cock, Jackie?” that helps a lot too!!!!! 🙂
The pose this time was a nice relaxed diagonal one, with the model semi lying on a sofa. His weight resting on his left arm, one leg slightly curled under him, his right hand lying on his upper thigh, his face turned to the viewer but the expression enigmatic. He is certainly aware of the viewer. But then you find that the title of the drawing is “Feel the need” and you think “What need would that be then?” and you look a little closer and realise that its that right hand that’s about to do something. But what? What need is rising within him? MMmmmm….?