I’ve never seen her before in my life

He arrived on my doorstep today, as we’d planned. And I knew before he had even walked through the door, what he was after. But, I sidestepped, and changed the subject before he had chance to say anything, and instead lead him into my studio to see the canvas I’d started painting yesterday, the one that is all consuming, and filling my painting passions. He stood and looked at it, as I briefly explained what I was depicting – the abstract concept of time, in an abstract fashion, in acrylics. He politely responded to my comments, and the subject went on to other matters, one of which was the lack of money around at the moment, and less cars in public car parks, he’d noticed. I think its due to a lack of money generally around at the moment, which also seems to be connected with the membership numbers down in art clubs generally at the moment – I presume that its down to the high price of petrol, or perhaps people don’t feel like painting if money is tight? Strange, I’d have thought it would have been the other way around……

Either way, this wasn’t acknowledging the reason he was here. We were skirting the issue…..

“I’ll make a cup of tea for you!”  I smiled, knowing that that was what he really wanted. He nodded, grinning back at me, and I led him to the kitchen whilst I made it. I know he drinks as much tea as I do, and enjoys our chats as much as I do.

We settled down, steaming mugs of hot sweet tea in hand, and chatted – about his family, about my family, about his wife, about my fella, about his work, about my art, about communicating, and having intelligent conversations – the usual subjects of friends. I’ve drawn him before, and we are at ease with each other, and we likes the rapport we have as artist and life model compared to going to other life groups when the poses are stilted, and the music is low-key, the atmosphere cool. But today, he was dressed.

It was an hour or so after we’d started chatting that he conversationally said:

“I know a woman who will pose with me  and she’s free one day soon, if you want to draw us.”

“Ok” I replied, “Where does she live?”

“Er, Derbyshire, I think” he said.

“Ok, what age is she?”

“Er, our age, I think, it’s difficult to say and I don’t like to ask”

“Ok, what does she look like?” I asked, intrigued.

“Well, she’s got reddish sort of hair, and is slender”

“O……k” I said, trying to picture her with that information.

“And I’ve told her that you’re an Erotic Artist, and she said that we’ll have to do an erotic pose then!” he added.

“Ok………” I said “Has she done this sort of thing before?”

“No. She hasn’t” he answered.

“How does she know she’ll like it then?” I wondered

“Oh, she will, she’s very keen!”

“Ok, how do you know her?”

“Well, I just DO!” he said, as if that explained everything.

It didn’t.

“Well, how did you meet?”

“Er, well, I can’t say, she’s just been around for a while”

“Ok, well, you must have met her somewhere!”

He still couldn’t answer me fully.

I said, laughing, and with a great deal of amusement in my voice, since I know my friend well and know how well organised he is “Are you telling me, that you don’t know where this woman lives, you don’t know what she does, you don’t know much about her, but she’s willing to do an erotic pose with you, whatever that may be, for me to draw you both?”

“Yes!” he said “She’s very happy about it, and I presume her husbands happy about it too!”

I've been an artist all of my life, and my paintings now hang on walls in Europe, USA and Canada. I'm working on getting them on the other continents! My wide range of artwork has been exhibited nearer to home in the East Midlands, with the Guild of Erotic Artists at Beaumont Hall Studios in Hertfordshire, and at "Erotica", Olympia, London. I have also been featured alongside my work in the Guild of Erotic Artists book (volume 2). I love to create dramatic interest in my pictures, whether it’s to paint an unusual landscape, or just to utilise dramatic lighting in my figure drawings or strong colour in my animal portraits. Delighting in the spontaneous tendencies of watercolour adds an interesting and distinctive look to my paintings, some of which are purposefully ambiguous, enabling the viewer to use their own interpretation of my artwork. I also love to hide images, and humour within my paintings, whether it’s a secret message, or an erotic couple hidden within a landscape, or even an erotic landscape where the couple are camouflaged as the features of the land itself. I am equally happy painting in oils, acrylics or watercolours and love to draw with pencil or ink. I have also developed the very effective method of drawing using white pencil on black card which creates dramatic pictures by just picking out where the light catches the body and leaving the rest of the image to the imagination, in darkness. I can also utilise many different styles, whether it is realistic, abstract, surrealistic, erotic, fantasy or camouflage art where something is hidden within the painting. I'm just passionate about my art, whatever I paint! But, it doesn't matter how many landscapes or pet portraits I paint, its always the erotic stuff that people are interested in! I started blogging to share some of the strange conversations I have with the people I meet. But its evolved into far more than that now.

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