Four down and on to number Five

I can’t talk about the new theme of paintings yet, or show any of the ones I’ve been working on… But I can say that I’ve finished number Four and love the way it looks.. And now I’m on to painting number Five.. And I’ve got a couple of ideas that I think will work […]

Capturing all the diverse textures

Capturing all the diverse textures

The new mystery painting is coming on nicely, its about 90% finished.. But, it’s the last ten percent that brings a painting together. And the slowest part of the painting process. Because its not just about the last bits that want finishing off, its about pulling the whole painting together as a harmonious whole. Its making sure […]

Another exciting painting on the go

Another exciting painting on the go

A week ago it was summer, this week its winter. A shock to the system as the greyness of the soddenly wet day lashes against the window. But, even if its dark at 4pm, how did that happen? And even though a day after 5th November and Bonfire Night it officially became Christmas in Tesco (don’t […]

Even when I’m ill

Even when I’m ill

The blank canvas arrived yesterday. But it held no interest for me. This blank canvas that I’ve been eagerly awaiting for the last week or more, this new exciting idea that I want to put on it had to ……..wait. Because I wasn’t well. I was the day before, but not the day itself. It certainly […]

From nought to five hundred in six seconds

Wow, I can’t believe I’ve written five hundred blog posts to date, it feels like seconds ago when I first started. And to think I didn’t know what to write about when I first began! 🙂 And in celebration, I’ve included this watercolour entitled “Sex on legs”  to mark the friendships I’ve made through blogging, plus its a very sexy […]

Going up in the world

I had a real good painting session yesterday on the Royal Crescent of Bath painting that is my current commission. It’s taking longer than a painting would normally do, but that’s because of two reasons, which together make a larger practical problem. Firstly, its in oils, so its taking ages to dry between stages, and […]

Explanations and updates

New friends came to visit last night to have a drink with me and my man and chat about life, generalities, specifics, people, work, families, hobbies, and all other diverse subjects, and have a bit of a laugh as well, as is usually a case of a social visit. They hadn’t been to my house before, but they did know […]

Like an old familiar lover

I fall into its arms like an old familiar loverI’ve missed it so.A few days away from it and my heart aches to touch it,to feel it again under my finger tips. It waits, in silence, slumbering but not asleep. Waiting, and longing, to be touched again. And I return, knowing it is calling me. […]

Its all in the mind

Since Fitzy and I discussed the “living flame” style of picture I’m going to paint of him I’ve been itching to get started on it, and thought it would be easy enough since I’ve already done one, and done it only a few months ago, so the technique of it is still fresh in my […]

Balancing act

As an artist you’d think I spent most of my time painting – and yet…….. I don’t. Yes, I do spend a LOT of it painting or drawing but the majority of my time is actually spent doing things that are part of being an artist – updating my website, writing this blog, looking for […]