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The smell of the greasepaint

My friend the local historian, Stuart, rang me this morning. We chat regularly, every couple of weeks or so about things in general, flowers in particular, and any snippets of news either of us have. He’s featured in the local paper next week and wanted to tell me about it, and also wanted to inquire whether I’d be interested in accompanying him at a talk he’s been sort of asked to do (but it needs confirmation, it’s only a verbal request at the moment) to a local ladies group “sometime next year”. It’s only for half an hour, and he will talk for half of it, and I could do the other half – like we did a couple of years ago when he did the talk about posing for me, and I accompanied him to tell the group a little more about myself. It’s our double act! I said I’d more happy to do it again, whenever the “sometime next year” actually is.

He asked me what I’d been up to, and I told him about updating my new website, which is being created as I speak, although its all behind the scenes stuff at the moment, and not live. I’m enjoying doing it with my webmaster, tweaking and creating, designing and fine tuning.

And the rest of the day has been finishing off a watercolour painting that I’m hoping to exhibit soonish, at the end of August. I finished it off, and started another one, as I was in the momentum of it, and had the fresh idea for the next one forming away as I completed the first. I like it when that happens, it means I’m in the mental flow of it. I won’t show the finished one to you yet, but I’ll wait until the other one is completed and show them together. They’re both the same subject matter, just different aspects of it, done in different styles.  And I’ll be interested to know which you like the best…….

Right, now I need to go and wash my hands, which have blue acrylic down two of the nails, and somehow, I’ve got it in my hair as well, and I didn’t even know until my man pointed it out to me when he saw me at the end of the day. That show’s its been a good painting day! When I’ve got so excited and passionate about it, I didn’t even know how or when I managed to smear it on me as well as the canvas!!!