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Another exciting painting on the go

A week ago it was summer, this week its winter. A shock to the system as the greyness of the soddenly wet day lashes against the window.

But, even if its dark at 4pm, how did that happen? And even though a day after 5th November and Bonfire Night it officially became Christmas in Tesco (don’t they just love it!) I am pre-occupied.

But its the comfort of knowing that  the big idea for a new painting last week hasn’t changed in a week of looking at the angles all the way around it. I cannot improve on the concept and idea so I shall do it. It ticks the boxes I want ticking, it is exciting but harmonious, it is instantly recognisable and appealing. It has atmosphere….. and action. It is something I will enjoy painting, and the style is something I love doing very much. This way of painting has a harmonious magic to it. But I need to control it, and show that it is controlled. I am wondering about whether to paint a working painting, or just go straight for the mainpainting. Having said that, I know exactly what I want to do, I’ve planned the main colours, and the tones, drawn out the intricate shapes and worked out how they interact with each other. And I know that I can’t wait to get going on it, the momentum is in me……  and I have the blank canvas ready, willing, and aching to be covered in paint…………….

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