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Capturing all the diverse textures

The new mystery painting is coming on nicely, its about 90% finished.. But, it’s the last ten percent that brings a painting together. And the slowest part of the painting process. Because its not just about the last bits that want finishing off, its about pulling the whole painting together as a harmonious whole. Its making sure the area that is the main focal point is obvious, and that the other aspects in the image point or lead your eye in that direction. Its making sure that the high lights are light enough, and that the darks are dark enough. Its making sure that splashes of colour reappear within the image as compliments to it, to make the eye happy at what its looking at, that it all fits together.

And even though I’m painting this picture in acrylics on canvas, I also have to wait for natural daylight to work in. I know from past experience that painting in too much artificial light as the daylight fades gives misleading tones, and the finer parts like the finishing off are best to be done when its daylight again the next day.

So, I’m capturing light for the painting, and making sure that the eye leads nicely around the picture.

But I’m also painting more than 19 textures within the painting too. And they have to look like the textures they are, as they lead into the painting as well…

Some of them already are right, and make me smile in their pleasing ways. Some could be better… and its those I’m working on today…