Bluer than blue

You don’t realise how murky it is, inland, until you go to the coast. Where the light is clearer. The colours are more vibrant, more vivid, more…..lucidly beautiful. I love the blues the most. They have depths of pure cobalt blue in them that I’ve not seen for a long time. Added to which the French […]

In neither place

I should have been in my new house by now. I should be busy unpacking boxes and setting up my new studio. I should be planning the next painting, and advertising my services from my new address. But I’m not. I’m stuck in limbo land. Neither fully packing, nor knowing whether I am even moving […]

How do you see colour

I should have been moving house today. But, due to problems further down the chain, it’s had to be delayed for a couple of weeks or so. But fingers crossed that it can all go through soon. Until that momentous day, I continue packing…… But the days of waiting are sometimes punctuated with pleasant surprises, and today […]