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Bluer than blue

You don’t realise how murky it is, inland, until you go to the coast.

Where the light is clearer. The colours are more vibrant, more vivid, more…..lucidly beautiful.

I love the blues the most. They have depths of pure cobalt blue in them that I’ve not seen for a long time. Added to which the French ultramarine creates a complexity to the deep shadows of the still water.

And it makes me want to paint them. Just as they are. Just to capture that fabulous depth of pure colour. The form of the black rocks, and the way the water swirls around them. The softness of the white fluffy clouds, the hazy distance and cerelean blues of the warm summer skies. The luminosity of the day is captured there, within the photos. And if a photo makes me feel like that – what would a painting do?