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In neither place

I should have been in my new house by now. I should be busy unpacking boxes and setting up my new studio. I should be planning the next painting, and advertising my services from my new address.

But I’m not.

I’m stuck in limbo land.

Neither fully packing, nor knowing whether I am even moving on the date I’m hoping for. But still aware that I might be able to move on that date, so I need to get stuff packed up into boxes, just in case.

Neither here, nor there.
Neither one place, or the other.

And the decisions aren’t down to me. I have found the house I want, I have made an offer on it, it has been accepted, but the sale of my house has had to be delayed by a couple of weeks whilst we sort out the problems further down the chain. They should, all being well, be finalised next week. But in the mean time, there are legal problems, not of my making, that mean that the purchase of my current house may get delayed for a few weeks, maybe, whilst the solicitors sort it out. That means, that I can’t buy the house I want, until they are sorted.

 But, I know there are various ways of getting the result we’re all after, its just that I’m not sure which one it will be, as yet. Until then, I’m neither here fully or anywhere else fully. I’m stuck in a legal soap opera, and someone else is directing it.

But I want to be in an art documentary, of my making,  instead.

So, I’ll just have to do whatever I can do, in the meantime.
And try not to be frustrated with the legal delays that seem to be punctuating each day….. at the moment.