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When your legal advice says….

Because of this legal soap opera that I currently find myself in, it’s been decided to change to a better solicitor than the current one. Not that there’s anything wrong with the current one, its just that the new one specialises in conveyancing problems. They are used to dealing with the sort of problem that I currently have – where the Land Registry says that various parcels of land within the boundary of my garden, don’t belong in my name. But it did when I bought it, twenty years ago, so why doesn’t it NOWWWWW???!!!

This is what we’re trying to sort out. This is what is holding up me buying the house I want. The house, where I can be an artist, properly.

So, today I went to see the new solicitor in his offices up in South Yorkshire.
They’re noted for being blunt in Yorkshire.

I don’t mind blunt.

But, I must admit to being greatly amused by his comments that included the phrases “cock up” “balls up” and “The Land Registry are being anal” – because that is exactly how I think of it! A fucking mess!!!!

The meeting started at 3pm and went on til almost 5. It was a good meeting, a long one, but we got a lot done. We looked at maps. aerial photos, and discussed boundaries of the land and how established they were. We all felt that we were on the same wave length and talked of how long it would take to sort it out. A few weeks, hopefully.

Then I can buy the house I want. All being well.

But, just to add to the legal soap opera ….. I was informed this evening, that all the solicitors were in place this afternoon to exchange contracts on the properties in the chain.

All of them. Except one.

He was in a meeting.

In his offices, in South Yorkshire. Between 3 and 5. And he couldn’t be contacted.

So the contracts weren’t exchanged………

And guess who he was with……………………………………..