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Getting the buzz

I always love the start of an exhibition. There’s always a buzz aboout it, that sets me buzzing too.

The mellee of people waiting to see where to store their paintings, ready for hanging. Questions from first time exhibitors, the quiet assurance of the ones who’ve done it before, many times (that’s me!). The smile to other artists, as we acknowledge that we are part of a creative group participating in the same activity. The interest to see who else is hanging their work this year. A hug and kiss to the various organisers who are familiar as old friends.

And the wide eyed acknowledgement when one of them told me that two members of the RA are coming tomorrow night to the preview night. I agreed with her, that that was indeed an accolade! She confided “I wonder if they can pass on some tips to us regarding the exhibition?” And I agreed, that it would be a good opportunity to ask. Then she said “Mind you, it takes them four weeks to hang a thousand paintings, and it takes us a night and half a day to hang one thousand, one hundred paintings!” I looked at her, and smiled and retorted “It looks like its YOU who can teach THEM how it should be done!” and she laughed in agreement!!!!!

So, it’ll be set up this weekend, and if you’re in the area, and would like to attend, its the Dame Catherine Harpur art show at Ticknall Village Hall in South Derbyshire, and is open to the public on Sunday and Monday. And if you think its just a local village exhibition, you’re mistaken – there are some excellent paintings there, by talented artists from all over the East Midlands, as much as there are some cheaper paintings by amateurs. Infact, there will be something for everyone, even if you’re only looking. Of course, if you’re buying………..then this is the place to go…. and the school will benefit from it as it is their best fund raiser!