Its far more often than every four years

Published on 29/02/2012

What do you write about on the extra day of the year, the one that…

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New erotic homebase

Published on 27/02/2012

You know there can’t be many places where its normal to walk in for the…

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Dying flowers don’t inspire me funnily enough

Published on 24/02/2012

As I mentioned last week the workshop I attended last Saturday was for “painting flowers…

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Linked up writing in the erotic style

Published on 22/02/2012

I spend my life with the sort of people I feel comfortable with –  a…

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Friday eroticism deconstructed

Published on 17/02/2012

Mmm……I’m not sure what to write about today, shall I tell you about my trip…

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For lovers everywhere

Published on 14/02/2012

February 14 – Valentines Day – that date causes so much heartbreak and sorrow when you’re a…

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Unveiling Stuart in all his glory

Published on 10/02/2012

 Here it is then, in all its technicolour glory! Stuart’s pride and joy, and mine…

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Nature, nurture, and naked at seventy five

Published on 07/02/2012

Some pictures are simple to paint, others more difficult.  Not difficult to paint them you understand,…

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Threes are fine and even better with a feathery touch

Published on 03/02/2012

Isn’t life easier when you can let it all hang out, when there’s nothing to hide,…

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