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Friday eroticism deconstructed

Mmm……I’m not sure what to write about today, shall I tell you about my trip to the framers (not farmers, framers) earlier, or the chat about erotic art with the woman who runs a private adults club, or my meeting regarding my exhibition in Ravenstone (0f very much a non erotic nature), or the tangible excitement emanating off Stuart this week because he’s so happy about the picture I’ve painted of him, or the surge in my Facebook friends, or the workshop for flowers in watercolour I’m going to, or the pictures I’m planning on painting this week of a definite erotic nature….? Mmm….. so much to tell….

Which do you want to know about….?

Well I bet you its not about the plans for the non erotic exhibition.

 And I bet its not about the flower workshop I’m going to go along to tomorrow either.

 No, it won’t be that, it’ll be the erotic stuff. Oh yes! 🙂

An American  friend told me via email this week how he envisages I spend my days, and he was right, to a large degree I do spend them chatting to potential customers, or painting, or taking a trip somewhere to inspire me. But as well as that I am looking at ways to sell my artwork whether its prints or originals,  looking for new venues to hang my work, looking to do new commissions for clients so that they get exactly what they want on their walls, finding new outlets via an online presence, or planning my new piece of art by collecting together ideas and inspiration. Sometimes that inspiration is from what I read about others doing, sometimes its finding images I’ve seen that excite me.

But this week I’ve found a new talent, one that I’ve really enjoyed learning, and finding out I am more than capable of.

 It’s been deconstructing the art, rather than constructing it.

The reason being, that after the meeting I had with the woman who runs the adult club the other week, she let me have my pick of some old frames she’d been given, which was kind of her as it meant I could save on the expense of buying new frames, but it also meant that I had to take them to pieces, throw out the old pictures in them, all time consuming, clean them up, sand them down, fill with wood filler where necessary, spray them gold, and then….hang on a minute……well would you look at that……..

….the frames which were old, some very old, were suddenly bright and shiny and new, and I know gold frames aren’t to everyone’s taste, but I like them, and so does the woman who runs the club. She specifically asked for them to be gold, and now they’re all the same colour, they look really classy. And I mean classy! And this is before I even put the pictures in them, before the mounts are cut, and they are all put back together again. Now, I know you’re thinking “So what?” but the thing that I’m finding really interesting about this is that these frames were not anything that anyone would have given a second look to, before I started stripping them down. And now they are. And I know that fashions change, and over the years picture frames that I’ve had at exhibitions have come back with scuffs on them, or fads and tastes change as to what people want on their walls – “I like the picture, but I don’t like the frame so I won’t buy it” being something I occasionally hear said at exhibitions for many artists work. So, now I know I can revamp the old frames I’ve got, and make them look all shiny and new again, then I’ll continue and make more exciting art through it in the meantime. Its all about making a picture look attractive, isn’t it?

Anyway, I digress…….

After making the frames all gleaming and new…..”Ooooh….shiny!” I went through my notes again to see what the client said she liked of my work, and the reasons why. And then went through the different sizes of frame to see what I had available that would fit it. And funnily enough it wasn’t the mammoth task (no mammoths at all infact) that I had expected. When I’d found an appropriate image, I then had to work out the size the mount would have to be (frame size minus the appature for the picture centred in the middle, making sure that it was enhanced by the frame I’d chosen for it as well), and then down to the framer with my mathematical tables laid out so that I get exactly the sizes I want. I love being in a framers premises, its full of lengths of exciting wood leaning against walls, and gaily coloured mount board, usually giving you far too much choice to make the decision of what you want, but it was easy this time, I wanted all the mounts the same colour for once. And then home again, to consider what I had got for the subject matter already (women in corsets, in knickers, in stockings and suspenders, lying waiting expectantly for their lover, but overall mostly on their own) and then started to think about the artwork for the other frames, the ones I need to paint new pictures for, involving different subjects. Oh, how exciting, new erotic pictures to do! And the decision to make of the certain sensual images that I like, so that is what I’ll do for these – the sort of images I find erotic – of carnival masks, and couples entwined together, women kissing women, threesomes, orgies maybe (tasteful ones focusing on pleasure and touch). Mmm….lots of ideas!  Right, erotic here we come (so to speak)…..


But first, I’ve got a flower workshop to attend…….. oh dear….. not quite the same 🙂


And just to let you know, I’m coming up to the 500th blog post – not quite there yet, but not far off! I’ll let you know…..