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New erotic homebase

You know there can’t be many places where its normal to walk in for the first time and there’s a half naked woman surrounded by six men, all their attention on her.  And as I stand quietly to the side of the room, they don’t notice me at first (and why would they!?) but then one turns around and a large smile fills his face “Hellooooo Jackie!” he says as he bends to kiss me, and I smile up at him and say “Hello Mark, long time since I’ve seen you!”. The others nod at me, then back to their task, their eyes swivel back to the half naked woman, her pert breasts partly hidden now under a shirt, and she goes into the next pose as they raise their cameras again to capture her innate sexiness. But that’s Sarah Jane for you, always a joy to see her pose, and she’s so easily photogenic, and so lovely to be around. And what a wonderful way to start in the new premises the Guild of Erotic Artists now have taken over. Lovely new studios, in a new building with ample lighting, and heating (after the freeze your arse off conditions of Beaumont Hall Studios), a proper studio set up already and other rooms ideal for changing, and maybe holding art classes. And of course so good to see Colin  (big hugs from him always!), and Paul (more sedate hugs), Silvee (friendly girly hugs), and the other guild members there that day and find out how they are and what they’re up to. They always make every one so welcome, smiling faces, with big hugs, and big hearts, full of ideas, and positive attitudes that I find so motivating and inspiring!  The new premises were easier to find too …… somewhere on the A5 between Dunstable and St Albans I think…… certainly less than ten minutes from the M1 although still an hour and a half drive for me to get to. I can’t remember when I was last with them all, its got to be more than a year ago. But so good to sit with Silvee and catch up with her news, and have a girly chat. And so lovely when she told me how happy I looked, that’s always good to hear!