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For lovers everywhere

February 14 – Valentines Day – that date causes so much heartbreak and sorrow when you’re a teenager (yes I remember the heart wrenching unadulterated big teethy grin and shining eyed JOY of realising that the guy you’ve fancied for months and months does actually know you exist and sent a card to prove it, right!) and is treated with some wariness when you get older (Darling, just cos I didn’t buy you a card, doesn’t mean I don’t love you, I do the washing up and clear up the cat litter tray to prove that, don’t I, for goodness sake?) to some amusement when you reach later years (They want howwwwwmmmuch for those manky looking roses in the florists that’ll be dead by tomorrow? And blimey, they can forget a fiver for a valentines card too, I’d rather buy her a box of chocolates except I know she’ll moan that they’ll make her fat as she stuffs her face with them before you can say “What happened to the diet then?”). But, Valentines Day is more than that, it seems to have evolved into a day (or at least a night!) of sexy promises – even my local Tesco had skimpy and sexy scarlet-the-harlot lingerie on prominent display last week, offering far more to your lover than rushing to do the washing up! Oh yes, down and dirty with the promise of getting something you actually want, for once! 🙂

So, I’d like to make some suggestions to you, especially you guys regarding how you treat your ladies tonight.

I guarantee you will get all your heart desires if you give her what she wants, and I don’t mean diamond rings, expensive perfume and a huge bouquet of six dozen fragrant red roses – although they are nice and I don’t know of any woman who wouldn’t like those things (me included!). But, its more than those things that will bring you closer to her. Its actually very simple, and once a man has learnt it (and some never do, ever, no matter how much you tell them) it will bring harmony within your relationship. And here it is – lean close whilst I tell you – value her. That’s it. Simple isn’t it. Show her you value who she is by listening when she talks, by making eye contact, by noticing what is important to her and making comments about it, by supporting her, and cherishing her. But, and this is a big one, there has to be a reciprocal side from the woman as well – her part of the bargain is simple too – and here it is – make him feel appreciated, that what he says and does is of value to you, and that he is fully appreciated for it. That’s true love.

As a woman, that is my advice.

So, what can an erotic artist offer on a day like this? Well, let me think…..umhhmmm….. oh, I know 🙂

When you girls put on your sexy lingerie, the lacy basque, the stockings and suspenders, the high heeled red stilettos, scarlet lipstick, and a huge cheesy grin, remember how you looked then, and how you felt, and what you did next, because that is what I would love to capture on paper for you. And guys, when she’s dressed like that, or however you like her to be dressed – french maids outfit, corset or just in a feather boa – then remember how she looked then, and offer for me to draw her like that – when she’s full of confident sexiness, and full of overt sensual energy bordering on lust. That’s the epitome of eroticness, and that’s what I love to draw.

So, give me the chance.

Because my next pieces of artwork are going to be erotic, I’ve got sixteen shiny gold frames to fill with my erotic art. The frames look classy and elegant, and I’ve been preparing them over the last four days. All I have to do now is find the right sort of art to put in them….now what’s it to be, jet black basques and suspenders, or feathered boas ready to tease and tantalise? What’s your desire?