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Threes are fine and even better with a feathery touch

Isn’t life easier when you can let it all hang out, when there’s nothing to hide, nothing to worry about.

Although, to be honest,  I think I’m well past the worrying stage, that’s long since gone!

Because I’m very aware that I do two types of art – the erotic, and the well *everything else* that comes under the heading of “non erotic”. And I know from past experience that some people go quiet on me when I talk about erotic art, and others go “Realllllly?!” and lean closer to hear more  juicy tit-bits about it!

You see, erotic art is very normal in my world. And I love it, love it, love it, when I talk to other people where its very normal for them too.

As was what happened this week. I had contacted a woman recently regarding putting some erotic art on her walls, and had made an arrangement to go and visit her premises to see what sort of wallspace she has for art, what her colour schemes are, what the ambiance is, of the adults only club that she runs. That’s bound to be erotic then for sure! 🙂

I went along with my fella, since I knew he’d be interested (what man wouldn’t!?) and although it was certainly a business meeting, I wasn’t sure how long the meeting would last, or if we’d be done and dusted in 20 minutes and out of the door, or if we’d have an hour there, or what exactly. The day was free and I’d take it as it came. So to speak. We arrived slightly later than planned due to the uncertainty of the weather conditions for driving (tv weather forecast says “arctic conditions with snow”, view from window says “er, where, exactly?”), and were made very welcome, had a quick tour of the place, tea coffee and biscuits were offered and accepted and we sat and chatted, four of us – the two business women and their men, over it. All of the conversation was at ease, amusing, entertaining, flowing and fun. But, this is the thing of social chit-chat, you actually pick up quite a bit of a person’s personality and character from it. And I liked the personality I was talking to. She seemed to do business in the same was as I do and that always helps things to flow better. We knew some of the same people in our erotic world, and liked and disliked the same characters and swapped bits of gossip.  I think we’d been there over an hour and a half  and were on the next round of cuppas by the time the actual business was brought up!  Fortunately we’d taken a lap top with all my artwork on it, so I was able to pick through the ones I thought most appropriate from what I’d ascertained from our conversation so far. She was very sure about what she liked, and more to the point, what she didn’t. She apologised for being outspoken, but I replied that I’d far rather someone tells me what they want or don’t want because then we’re all clear about it.  Male torsos, girls with boys, girls, girls with girls, girls with girls with girls with girls, threesomes, orgies, fetish, bondage, rope work,  cocks were ok but only if they were part of the picture not the picture themselves, no fairies, no fannies (open), no fantasy fannies, no pregnant women, nothing indistinct, no mermaids, no woodland settings,  nothing mystical. But, what she really did like was the idea of sensual pictures of women in corsets, with feather boas, with stockings, and lingerie, burlesque, dancers, venetian masks, naughty Victorian nudes, and specific colours to go with her colour scheme. Natch! She had been offered other artwork from other erotic artists and didn’t like the fact that they “didn’t get” the fact she had a specific (although wide enough) colour scheme for her club and wanted the artwork to represent and illustrate that ambiance she had been careful to nurture and build up. And there’s me sitting there, wondering why people don’t listen to the client, it’s something I pay a lot of attention to. If the client says “I don’t like green, my colour scheme has a lot of red in it, and I like formal pictures featuring women in corsets” there’s no point in turning up with a fantasy picture of a dragon set in a forest in wishy washy colours.  If she wants a gang bang, then give her one. So to speak.

Actually, gang bangs weren’t mentioned. Although six-somes and eight-somes were.

Like I say, its all refreshingly normal in my world. “And do you want pierced nipples with that?”. No, I didn’t ask her that. But I could have done.

So, having expected twenty minutes of her time, it was a surprise to find that we’d been there four and a half hours, in time that flew by. But, during that time I had made many specific notes of what she wanted, had listened carefully to what she was looking for, had discussed ideas and concepts in depth, seen actual wall space, seen play areas, seen the bar area, seen the reception area, seen bedrooms and rooms with beds in them, seen bathrooms, seen interiors and exteriors and got a feel of the place and the message that the artwork needs to address.  A business meeting between two women who work in the erotic world, albeit a very relaxed meeting.  

And, I think, I may have made a new friendship. As well as found a new outlet for my art, and a new place to advertise my business.

Plus, and this is possibly the icing on the cake for me, she texted me a few hours after I got home to say how she’d enjoyed chatting with us both. And liked the idea of being drawn by me, it had intrigued her, that thought about how erotic it would be. I’d started the germ of an idea…….  how exciting, ooh I like it when I do that.

4 thoughts on “Threes are fine and even better with a feathery touch”

  1. Six-somes and eight-somes? Now I’m envisioning you lying on your back on a scaffold, painting a magnificent and complex group scene on the ceiling!

    Perhaps with the woman on the love seat wearing red heels peering up at it from her post on the wall.

  2. I wish you the best of luck with all your work and aspirations. We can only do our best and persevere. Here’s hoping, indeed. I’ve every confidence in you!

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