Wall to wall

It’s looking for opportunities when they occur and leaping in when you get the chance that’s something I keep an eye out for. The other week I was at the dentist and noticed that the waiting room had been re-decorated since my last visit. And there in front of me was a large and very […]

Why is it what it’s in?

They’ve gone. And to a very good home, where they certainly belong. But I still had a slightly sad moment when the dog pictures were collected this week. Only a bit sad though, not a gut-wrenching depression over it, you understand! I always get slightly emotionally attached to my artwork, even when I’m only creating […]

All change

Recently I’ve been looking at a painting I’ve got in my studio, it’s just been propped up against the wall for ages and ages. I did it a couple of years ago and everytime I look at it, something niggles at me that its not quite “right”. I haven’t been able to tell myself exactly […]

Going to the dogs

Whereas an exhibition is my “best guess” at what I think someone, somewhere might like and might want to buy, I much prefer commissions where someone TELLS me what they want and how they want it, the medium, the size, the subject matter, the composition, the colours, the style, and I ask enough questions that […]

Looking for magic

Well, its here again, one of the local exhibitions I get involved in. That time, when I chose my ten paintings, trying to pick the best ones that I think will sell, that will look good as a collection, that will appeal to the buying public. And I wrap them up carefully, write out the […]

Unfinished business

How do you rate a success? How do you decide whether something has gone right? Mmm… not always by the end result, but sometimes by the journey itself, I think. And that is how I view the most recent painting I’ve done of Hornymaleuk and my female model. The event was a success, the creative […]

Seeing red

Last week when I saw my usual model I had a basic idea for a painting but after trying a couple of poses in watercolour I decided I wasn’t at all happy at the outcome for various reasons, it just wasn’t working and the colours and tones were far too weak. I wanted to do […]

Pretentious twaddle

I’m going to say something and I’ll try hard really really hard not to use any swear words to tell you……… but I’m gonna be really struggling with this, so bear with me………. Lots of people give me things that they think may be of interest to me, especially if it’s to do with art, […]