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Reviewing the year

Well another year gone, and lots happening in it…

I feel now that I am more established as an artist, proved by my ability this year to take three of my old paintings and re-vamp them to make them far more interesting than they were before, which brought my spiritual healer friend to label me the “Alchemist Artist” – a title I adore!

I’ve painted dogs, and captured their essence and spirit so much that I was asked why I didn’t paint dogs full time and apply to Crufts to be their official painter. Mmm…. nice idea, but not *quite* as exciting as doing erotic art…. LOL

I’ve also painted people and houses, conjuring happy emotions with their depictions for the people that they are aimed at.

As the year has progressed, I’ve got more involved with being a member of the Guild of Erotic Artists, being their report writer for the times I’ve been at the event days, and more importantly being featured in the latest Guild book, which is a great step forward for me, both to be in it, as well as being featured along side such other great artists, photographers and sculptors. That’s a great accolade. The book has had great reviews and the Guild intends to go on from strength to strength.

I’ve sold more artwork to the USA this year, which is great that my work is going a bit further around the world.

But, best of all, is the “Queyntes” series – the fantasy fanny project that started as a wonderful idea, and has proved itself as such by the vast positive response to it that I felt that I needed to exhibit them somewhere quickly. The best place being the “Erotica” show at Olympia, London. I’ve never worked so hard as I did to get that show in place in such a short space of time – but it was worth it for the chance to do an exhibition, a chance to show the fantasy fannies. And that in turn meant that I met quite a few bloggers – some of whom had their “Queynte” on show. So that was a wonderful experience too. As was seeing and hearing the wonderfully positive and upbeat responses to the “Queyntes” at Erotica from people who knew nothing about them and had never seen them before. Fabulous experience!!!

And since then, I’ve been experimenting with the the same bright and vivid abstract way of painting, and that has carried me on with new ideas and I think it will continue to do so……

So….. on to the new year. And what will that bring with it? Well my spiritual healer friend has finally finished writing her book on unicorns, so I shall now have the chance to illustrate it for her – something that I am looking forward to immensely. Plus I still have more “Queyntes” to paint – I count that as an on-going project, and hope to promote them in other places, and maybe even find another suitable venue for a bigger exhibition of them. Plus this abstract way of painting has also picked up other people who are interested in that way of painting, so I think I may be using that elsewhere for less, er, intimate artwork! And I’ve put my name down for a watercolour workshop painting …. er…. flowers…. in the new year!!! Tee hee! Ya never know – maybe I’ll become a “flower painter” full time……. LMAO ……..Nah, I don’t think so!!!!!!!!!

But also, the really lovely thing is that I’ve met some wonderful people through my art – people who have open minds, who feed my inspiration with their positive and helpful comments – people who I consider to be good friends. And that’s a wonderful thing to have.

So for the new year – I wish you peace and happiness, good health, and joy being with the ones you love. And for me I hope I continue to paint and bring happiness through my art. So I’ll leave you with this image at the end of the year – the same subject as last year, but a different image – of a unicorn, the same one I used as my Christmas card, to bring light and love to you in the year ahead.

11 thoughts on “Reviewing the year”

  1. Nolens Volens

    And same to you too. Looking forward to more inspirations and new artwork. 🙂

  2. I love the unicorn – and very best wishes for you for an increasingly prosperous and creative New Year 2009, Jackie !

  3. I love the unicorn – wishing you a happy, prosperous and creative New Year 2009, Jackie !

  4. Spiky Zora Jones

    Jackie: Nice unicorn sweetie… 😀

    You have a wonderful New years Eve evening and a fabulous New Years day…may the new year be one of the best for us all.

    Ciao honey…and have lots of fun. 😀

  5. Jackie Adshead

    Spiky – I’ll try! And I hope it is a good year for us all….

  6. I just had to leave a comment to this post. I only found your site via The Guild of Erotic Artists site and I wanted to say how great I think it is, but more importantly how wonderful your reviews of the Guilds events are, they really are a joy to read and just one of the many reasons why I now plan to join.

  7. Jackie Adshead

    Fitzy – Thanks for leaving a comment, and I’m delighted you’re planning on joining the Guild and look forward to meeting you at one of the Event days. Come and say hi to me when you’re there, so I can put a face to the name.

    And I’m pleased to hear you like reading my reports – I try to make them entertaining.

  8. Jackie – Thank you as well and I will be sure to say hello when I make it to one of the Guild’s events, hopefully the one in February.

    Your event reports certainly are entertaining and even though I have never attended any of the events, I somehow feel as though I now know some of the people and you all seem to be a lovely bunch.

  9. Jackie Adshead

    Fitzy – I look forward to meeting you there then, and I would agree that we’re a friendly bunch of people.

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