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Analysing me

I’ve been thinking about a conversation I’ve had with a good friend of mine this week (albeit by email, and albeit with many miles and the Atlantic ocean between us!). I’ve been thinking and analysing why I like painting erotic art and its interesting for me to look at it in depth, because a few people have asked me recently WHY I do erotic art. And there are quite a few reasons WHY. Some deep, some less so……

……its certainly an intellectual exercise for me, and I’ve always said that painting a picture is only one tenth of the thought process of producing it. But I also want my audience to think about the painting too, to react to it (hopefully in a positive way) so I try to involve subtle clues in various places, some intended, some created by serendipity and kept, and some are even found when I’ve not even known about them! So then the viewer will get whichever messages they’ve picked up and if its erotic, their mind will start to think erotic thoughts… I understand the thoughts I’ve INTENDED to put in the painting, but sometimes I find thoughts I hadn’t considered are there. Wow! I love it when that happens! Because as my friend so eloquently says there is no more mystery or intrigue for me when I create a painting than there is for the author of a detective novel who knows which character committed the murder long before the last chapter…… and that is indeed true for the intended reactions. BUT this is one of the reasons why I like erotic art – that people will have different reactions to it than they would JUST looking at a pretty landscape or vase of flowers – then the reaction is just “that’s nice!”- BUT for me to depict erotic art, I have to have a good understanding of what people like in a picture, and as an erotic image, what happens within their brain, and then I have to get in there and try to capture all of what they like, and put it down on paper to make them like it even more through shapes, line and colour! Its a sort of psychological visual conversation and communication. I want my images to be more spiritual and intuitive and emotional than “just a vase of flowers” – which I am very capable of painting, but am not inspired by it as a subject matter – there is no emotional commitment or exchange between the viewer and the artist.

So that’s one of the reasons I like painting erotic art – the communication between me and the viewer.

And which is probably why I write a blog about being an erotic artist too!!! 🙂

6 thoughts on “Analysing me”

  1. A good painting tells a story – and much of what you have described goes into the passion and talent behind it.

  2. Jackie Adshead

    Loving annie – Yes, I agree about a good painting telling a story and it needing passion and talent to do it!

  3. Nolens Volens

    Very insightful. I wanted to be an erotic photographer just because it seemed fun to me. I realized that I just admire the nude body. Still would love to major in photography. 😉

  4. Jackie Adshead

    Nolens volens – I’m sure erotic photography is fun, once you’ve worked out the appertures, lighting, f-stops and how to avoid red-eye!!! 🙂

    But seriously, I hope you get the chance if you want to do it so much…. and are obviously interested in the subject!

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