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Relishing new beginnings

My new friend Stuart rang me the other day to say that later on in the year he’s been booked in to do a talk to a local group of 50 or so writers, and has asked me if I’d like to go along to hear him speak, as I think he’s going to talk about his experience of being drawn by me, probably in a bit of a humorous way – it made me smile at the thought, so I said I’d be glad to! A couple of days after that he rang again to confirm it, and asked if I’d also like to speak to the group for a few minutes or so, and after the briefest of moments to think about it – I said I would…. it should be fun…….. if I don’t upset them too much…. “Hi, my name’s Jackie Adshead and I’m an erotic artist”……….sharp intake of breath from the collective audience……!!!! LOL Well. if the Women’s Institute can stand it, I’m sure local writers can too – I do ordinary landscapes, and flowers, and paintings of vanilla things too, you know!!! Tee hee!

Chatting with a friend the other day, she said that a friend of hers had seen an erotic painting of mine, and had screamed out loud when she saw it, and covered her eyes in mock horror – I know I like a reaction to my art, but I did wonder if this seems somewhat extreme (LOL). She did then spend fifteen minutes staring very intently at it, and analysing it. This was the painting that caused the reaction. I suppose I’m so used to painting erotic art, I forget that some people are only used to chocolate box pictures of fluffy kittens and horses in fields…..

And this week I’ve spent a lot of time thinking of pastel shades. They’re not colours that I usually go for on their own, because I normally paint with dramatic colours. But, I’m getting into the subtleties of these really beautiful colours, and liking where they are taking me, so far. I’m half way through a painting using them, and liking the restraint I’m putting on myself to keep to the soft pinks, blues, oranges and sunshine yellows that I’m using. I shall be interested to see how the painting turns out when its finished……. Does that sound odd, that even I don’t know how the painting will look when its complete, and I’m creating it! Usually, I know exactly, and I think I actually do know….thinking about it – I can see it in my minds eye already.

4 thoughts on “Relishing new beginnings”

  1. I can’t wait to see it 🙂

    I think your speaking to the group will secretly fascinate them…

    Your friend obviously loved it or wouldn’t have spent 15 minutes so intently on it…

  2. Jackie Adshead

    Loving Annie – I hope you like it when you do.

    I hope the group ARE fascinated when I get to speak to them…!! LOL

    And yes, I think you’re right – otherwise she’d have just dismissed it and walked away. It fascinates me that she was so fascinated by it.

  3. I LOVE that painting! You’ll have that group rivited, Jackie. They’ll so enjoy whatever you say and how nice of Stuart to invite you.

    Sometimes the art tends to take over and do the creating. I’m anxious to see the new work,too!

  4. Jackie Adshead

    Nitebyrd – I’m delighted you love it, thankyou!

    I hope the group is riveted with fascination, and not …. fear. Or worse than that….. boredom! 🙂
    And yes, its lovely of Stuart to invite me, he’s a kind man.

    Still working on the new work – I’ll show you when its done…..

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