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Whatever turns you on

I’ve had a few conversations this week with different people, talking about what I do as an Erotic Artist, and a couple of times I’ve found myself saying “And I look at a naked body I’m drawing in exactly the same way that I look at a vase of flowers or milk jug, and get turned on by them as much as I do looking at a vase of flowers or a milk jug – which is not at all!” (just incase you’re thinking I’m some sort of weird woman who has a strange attraction for erotic tea parties with milk jugs!). Twice I’ve been told this week that I have an interesting life as an Erotic Artist, and I would agree that I have, but drawing naked bodies is “Work” as far as I’m concerned, and nothing else. Having said that if I’m not “working” I can look at a body and find it very attractive, sometimes. I suppose it depends on which part of my brain is working – “work” or “pleasure”. I know Lucy Felthouse has been asked the same sort of questions – whether she gets turned on by her erotic stories, and the answer is “No”, and I can see why she says that. So is it a draw-back (if you’ll excuse the pun!) that the sort of images that turn a lot of people on, leave me cold? Other people look at my images and get turned on, I look at them and admire a certain shade of colour within the picture, or the way a line is drawn…. but then I’m analysing them as work! 🙂

6 thoughts on “Whatever turns you on”

  1. I get turned on by my naked girlfriend!! She’s so hot ;-p. I don’t always get turned on by all female nudes, most bit not all, men however yuk!! But havin said that I do admire naked women, especially if they got big boobs… I’m a big boob lover! Sorry what was the topic about? Lol..

  2. Jackie Adshead

    Indigo – LOL – the subject seems to be about naked women with big boobs!!!! 🙂

  3. rk is work, and fun is fun.

    I’d bet that you get turned on by some other person’s medium of work – be it a gorgeous sculpture, for instance. You admire the craft as well as associate the image with pleasure in that case…

    Plus, it’s more fun when you are intimate with the person you are, er ‘working’ on, rather than a stranger…

  4. Jackie Adshead

    Loving Annie – that’s true, I like an image when someone else has created it and I’m not working out how it was made!

    …and that’s very true about “working on” someone you’re intimate with rather than a stranger!

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