Reaching out

This week, I’ve had the initial design ok’d by dj kirkby for her erotic landscape, and now better understand the image she’s looking for and how I’m going to create it. Normally when painting a picture, I have a clear idea as to what I’m doing, and how I’m going to do it, but with […]

Work in progress

I’m making progress with my two erotic landscape paintings, after what seems an interminable age of nothing happening (to me, at least!). I now have a clearer idea of what dj kirkby wants for her erotic landscape, and separate to that I have now had the initial sketch ok’d of the other painting of the […]

Vision versus Passion

I’ve been fortunate to see two shows within the last few days – both ones I’ve been looking forward to for some time as they were separately booked months ago. The first was Delirium, a Cirque du Soleil show, new to me, and I’m a big fan of Cirque. A spectacular surreal show with all […]

People watching

When I’m out and about I tend to look at people with an artists eye – thinking how I’d love paint them if they’re exceptional in anyway. The other night in the local take-away there was a stunning looking blonde girl who’d come to collect her order, and I could hardly take my eyes off […]

Hiding naughtiness

I’ve always loved clever paintings, the sort where something is hidden within the image and at first glance it seems like an innocuous painting, but then you realise there’s actually a clever depiction of something which puts a whole new twist on what you’re looking at. And it’s even better if some people see it, […]