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Reaching out

This week, I’ve had the initial design ok’d by dj kirkby for her erotic landscape, and now better understand the image she’s looking for and how I’m going to create it. Normally when painting a picture, I have a clear idea as to what I’m doing, and how I’m going to do it, but with her erotic landscape, its actually two pictures in one – the erotic couple AND the landscape, plus her interpretation of it. Which makes it a bit more difficult, but not impossible, when I ask the right questions and listen to the answers. So, steps forward on that, which I’m pleased about.

Plus, I had an interesting phone call this week from a woman I met in the summer. When we first met a few months ago, and she found out I was an artist, she expressed interest in meeting me, and perhaps working together. This week, she was going to email me, had a look at my website and through it, read my blog post (the previous one to this), and felt a huge empathy with what I had written about opening the soul, when I paint. Because she’s a spiritual healer, and is writing a book on the subject, and is interested in talking to me about illustrating it. So, my words really connected to her. She asked me if I was surprised, and I said no. I think she was surprised at my saying that, but I know of four other people, just this last six months, who have said the same thing to me. All for different reasons, they have had an urge to contact me, and wanted to meet me, because of my blog and website. And I suppose that’s why I have them – to reach out to who ever reads them, and see what response I get. And just to follow on from that, there are people I know in real life, who just drop it into the conversation, that they regularly read my blog, but because they don’t leave comments, I don’t know that they do. Its a funny thing blogging – you write regular posts, in the hope that someone, somewhere, reads them, and yet there’s the surprise element when you find that some people actually do!!!

8 thoughts on “Reaching out”

  1. Jackie Adshead

    Vi – *waving back* I know you do, mate, ‘cos you always leave a nice comment – thanks, I really appreciate it! x

  2. Me too!!
    I read your blog and, well you know what happened next! x

  3. Love the sketches..LOVE them! Want them all now..but can’t afford them…if I ever win the lottery I will be keeping you busy for a few years, methinks.

  4. Jackie Adshead

    Racy Redhead – Yes I do – and I’m really pleased that you’re enjoying it so much!

  5. Jackie Adshead

    DJ Kirkby – Wow, I just love your reaction to my paintings – and will happily be your official artist!

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