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Making landscapes erotic

I’ve been busy this week with many things on various levels, but I’ve also been in separate discussions with two unconnected people who want totally different versions of the same thing! They both want me to do a painting for them, in oils, on a box canvas, and they both want an erotic landscape. Great fun! Just my sort of subject and very exciting to do! But they want different versions for their paintings – the first is of a city scape – like Boston or New York, the typical picture we all know so well of a horizontal landscape, split into three – clear sky, buildings on the land, water in the foreground. But hidden somewhere within that picture, I have to introduce an erotic couple. To me, there is only ONE place they can go, because the whole point of this painting is the hidden part of it – so the couple can’t be in the sky, or the water, they have to be hidden within the buildings themselves. This will be a bit difficult, as the couple will need to be horizontal, whilst skyscrapers, by definition, are vertical! I had considered putting the couple in one or two of the skyscrapers but I think they might look “trapped” there, and not as well hidden as if they were horizontal. The painting will probably be at twilight/dawn so there will be colour in the sky and water but the buildings will be dark except for lit windows, which will make the painting very dramatic and interesting even before I add the couple. MMmmm….. interesting idea for a painting, and I shall enjoy very much doing it. I know exactly how I shall do it, once I’ve found a suitable erotic couple for the focal point.

The second painting is also of an erotic landscape, but totally different to the one described above. This one will require more thought, as the couple will BE the landscape, and the landscape will be them. At first glance, this painting will be a rural landscape,with trees and grass, plants and shrubs. To innocent eyes it will be a nice and pleasant landscape, it will only be on further investigation that it will become clear that there is a couple entwined within the picture, hidden somehow between the hills and hollows, valleys and peaks……. I think….. or maybe I won’t do it that way, maybe the couple will be trees entwined around each other, their limbs merging and becoming one……….. or perhaps the couple will be outcrops of rocks and craggy mountains. There’s a lot of thought I need to do for this painting. It also will have water in the foreground, and maybe a mystical feel to it.

So……. that’s what I’m doing this weekend…… thinking around the eroticness of a landscape….. and hopefully producing some drawings to show how each painting will look, so other people have an idea of what I’m considering before I sit down and start painting properly. They will both be subtle and clever, both with a secret, both fun to do, and I hope, fun to look at!!

13 thoughts on “Making landscapes erotic”

  1. I’m sure the end result will be amazing…as all your paintings are!

  2. I am so excited, can’t wait to see your drafts and so thrilled that I will be the proud owner of one of your works of art!

  3. Jackie Adshead

    dj Kirkby – And I’m excited at the prospect of doing it for you! Its going to be a challenge, but great fun!!

  4. Jackie Adshead

    Vi – Nor me! – I’m not fully sure yet how they’re gonna develop!!

  5. There is a constant thread in your work that I’ve noticed… a reflection of sheer passion, whether or not it is erotic. It’s a nice thing to see from an artisan in a day when the corporate structure tries to dictate to us all what art really is.

    A bit intellectual, I know…lol.

  6. Jackie Adshead

    Ronjazz – Passion eh? Yeh, I suppose there is, I tend to throw all at my art cos I love it so much. Your comments, as ever, show a continued interest in what I am, and how I do what I do, thanks Ron!

  7. Erm VI! You can’t see them on this blog I hope as it is going to be Chopper’s 45th birthday prez! Maybe Jackie will email it to you or soemthing? I don’t want Chops to get a preview of his prez.

  8. Jackie Adshead

    dj kirkby – No problem, I’ll keep it off the internet until he’s had it officially.

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