Bob Dylan just took over

Published on 27/01/2015

I like my sleep and nothing much disturbs it. I have been known to sleep…

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Even when there is nothing theres some thing under it propping it up

Published on 23/01/2015

Sometimes it seems there is nothing to write about. But  then I have a bit…

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Finding the right words

Published on 21/01/2015

The last couple of days I’ve been putting words together. Lots of words. Lots of…

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Completing the romantic trio

Published on 14/01/2015

I love to hear where my pictures are hung after they are purchased from me….

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Delighted to be a special guest for the talented Brit Babes

Published on 12/01/2015

 I was invited in December by the very talented  literary group ‘The Brit Babes’ to write a…

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Painting with words

Published on 06/01/2015

I have an important painting waiting for me that is aching to be finished, and…

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Starting the new year with shiny happy people

Published on 02/01/2015

I started the new year in the best way possible as far as I am…

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