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Starting the new year with shiny happy people

I started the new year in the best way possible as far as I am concerned – surrounded with good friends, happy faces, laughter, jollity, affection, and the company of shiny happy people. There was loud music, there was alcohol, there was food, there was elegance,  but that was all secondary to the good company. And before the last day of the year I’d spent the previous three days with my man’s family and their friends, all who made me welcome even the ones I met for the first time. I think there is always a joy in being accepted even when you meet people for the first time through others, and you have a natural affinity with them because you like the person who introduced you so you know that you will like the other people too. The fact the introductions were through my mans ex wife shows how fond I am of her delightful company and friendship!

Friendship is a wonMaldon Dec 2013003derful thing. I value my friends a lot whilst knowing that friends come and go, you may only know people for a short intense time but have a wonderful connection with them even so. But others are in your life for years and even if you don’t see them for months at a time when you do meet up you are as easy in each others company as always. I saw that on Monday this week whilst walking with my man and his ex wife in Maldon in Essex as they bumped into old friends of theirs from way back who immediately invited us to their boat moored on the quay there for a cup of tea and catch up chat, welcoming me as the new woman in their friends life and treating me with the same ease and banter that they treated their old friends. I felt as if I’d known them years too when we came away laughing and with a promise to keep in touch in the future. Divorce may be the right thing at certain times in life but friends should be able to ride through that and accept the changes but keep the on going friendships.

Every year I meet new friends, and certainly last year I met some really lovely people for the first time, friends I hope will remain in my life for many years.

So, to friends old, and friends new, and friends I am looking forward to meeting this year I wish you a happy and fabulous 2015 and that it is filled with love, laughter, and all that you wish for yourself.

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