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Completing the romantic trio

I love to hear where my pictures are hung after they are purchased from me. It’s not often though that I get that chance, probably because the person buying a piece of artwork from me doesn’t think about it, not from selfish reasons, just because as far as they are concerned they are buying something for their house – I’m sure no one sends photos of their new sofa in their lounge to DFS !  But because I have created it, I feel that itSt. Saviour's Church, Foremark (2) is part of ME so I’m interested, always. I’m interested in the frame, in the room it hangs, in the wall it hangs on. I like to see it in-situ and am delighted when I am told and sent accompanying photos.

So, I was delighted when I had a photo sent to me after Christmas in an email entitled “Xmas present painting – opened/ happy customer!” with a photo of a smiling face holding my painting and a short note tell me that I would receive another photo when the painting was framed and hung on the wall. I thanked the client for his consideration and said I looked forward to it.

That promise duly arrived this week.

The photo you can see here is of the painting I did of St Saviours Church in September for the client as a surprise Christmas present for his wife. I think it was an incredibly romantic gift he wanted for her, since they already had a painting on their wall of where they met at university, and where they had their honeymoon, but to complete the set he wanted a watercolour painting done of the church where they were married at Foremarke, South Derbyshire. This is what he wanted me to do. But not just the painting in question, he wanted it to match the other two paintings so that they would hang on the wall as a trio. He very kindly sent me really helpful photos of the other two paintings, both from close-up and from a distance, and the wall they were to hang on, so I had all the information I needed to see to complete the commission, particularly as he took a photo of the church himself so I knew exactly which viewpoint he required. I could now see the strength of tones and detail I needed to put into my painting to match the other two, even they were done by different artists.

The photo here shows the three watercolour paintings hung together on their wall. And you can see my painting St Saviours chuch on wall - Jan 2015now in its new frame along with the other two. My painting of St Saviours was requested to be done in spring greens since the couple were married in springtime, and not summer greens which would have been warmer. Each of the paintings compliments the other and I made sure that my sky had a similar sky to the other two pictures, a bit of cloud and a hint of blueness. They have the same tonal range too. Each painting is complete on its own, but as a group they tell a story, a special love story for a romantic couple!

And I think the Moet champagne on the cabinet below is the perfect accompaniment!

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