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Finding the right words

The last couple of days I’ve been putting words together. Lots of words. Lots of words that I’ve used before, but now in a slightly different order. And with other words inserted.

There have been lots of insertions…….

Because I am doing a talk soon for the Womens Institute, and need to get the right words in the right order so that it flows for me. You’d think it would be easy, since I am talking about myself (easy subject!) about something I do well (that helps!) and love doing (even better!) and others want to hear about (presumably, since they’ve asked me to do it, and we’ve agreed a price!) and I’ve done it before (ok, so that makes it all even easier you’d think!). Except it doesn’t. Well, it does, and it doesn’t. Because the last time I did it was a few years ago and I’ve done some really interesting and complex pictures since then, and been published in the Guild of Erotic Artists book, and designed the front cover for an anthology of erotic stories, and had a million other conversations. So now I have to edit what I am writing, and do some insertions, but also decide what to take out. Because if I put everything in I’ll be talking all-night-long. And they won’t want that, will they.

I’ve found it a reArtists work spaceally interesting exercise though, because some of the stuff I talked about the last time I’d forgotten I’d done and how important it was at the time.

I think its a good thing to do every so often, to revisit old words. To see how life has moved on, but also a reminder of how its evolved and the reasons why.

I know if we all had the ability to look back at our lives and change things, we would. We all would. No one has a perfect life. But equally, we’d all make exactly the same decisions again without the power of hindsight. Because those decisions were the best we could do at the time, with what we had and the information to hand. But looking back at it, helps us to continue on the path we’ve chosen and consolidate.

I can see why I am an artist. I can see why I choose to do the sort of art I do. I can see why others are fascinated in it too.

Lead from the heart, and the words will follow.

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