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Painting with words

I have an important painting waiting for me that is aching to be finished, and I am full of desire to complete. But I can’t touch it, not yet. I have another sort of painting to do before I can re-start work on it, but this one is a painting of words. Actually its two paintings of words but the second one I have done before, but the first one is new. The second one is a talk I’ve been booked to do for a local women’s group – the WI again! Obviously they like the idea of being shocked traumatised intrigued entertained by a female erotic artist and I am more than happy to comply! 🙂

But before I make my plans for that one I have a write up to do this week for a new readership for me about being an erotic artist. So it’s a subject I know loads about, its about me, and about what I do, and I don’t have to do anything other than write it, but its the angle I want to come in on that is requiring the thinking!


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