Hold it right there, and I’ll draw you

Published on 31/01/2012

I’ve spent many years doing life drawing, and learnt quite early on that there are…

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Love – pure and simple

Published on 28/01/2012

I was going to write another piece for my blog post – infact it is…

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If it needs explaining it’s not art

Published on 24/01/2012

The workshop was the adreniline shot in the arm I needed. I turned up at the…

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Oooh I need that jump start

Published on 20/01/2012

Chatting with my spiritual healer friend earlier she talked of the book she is working…

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Diamond sparkly venue

Published on 17/01/2012

I’ve had a very nice invitation recently, which caused a flurry of phone calls to…

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Cut off in his prime

Published on 13/01/2012

I love the beginning of a painting, when the sheet of paper has been stretched on…

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What? Better than Gerard Butler without his shirt on?

Published on 09/01/2012

A peek behind the velvet curtain this week would show an awful lot of unpleasantness. A lot…

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I didn’t promise you a rose garden

Published on 06/01/2012

Stuart  is 75 and likes being naked around me. The fact that he’d never been…

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The new year starts with a bang not with a whimper

Published on 02/01/2012

The old year certainly ended with a bang, at  the masked ball (well more of…

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