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Diamond sparkly venue

I’ve had a very nice invitation recently, which caused a flurry of phone calls to see if I was able to accept. Well, I knew I was able to accept, but I needed others to aide in that acceptance, hence the calls. At the time I thought it might have clashed with another similar arrangement but it turned out that it hadn’t since that was the month beforehand. I needed to have permission from one person on behalf of a group of others, and had to ring around to see if the logistics for some of most important items were possible, and indeed it seems it is, so, phew, its all clicked into place without the big logistical problems I was foreseeing might happen. And even though all of it is happening in six months time, the arrangements still need to be sorted out, people aware of what is involved, and who is involved, and although I have lots of experience of what I have been asked to do, I have never done it on my own before. Not that that is a problem, it just means more work for me.  And whereas I don’t expect the Queen will actually pay a visit to it, as I’m sure she will be elsewhere around that time, I am more than happy to be involved in her Diamond Jubilee celebrations and put on an exhibition for the inhabitants of Ravenstone, in Leicestershire. At the time of the request I wasn’t sure if the invite was just for a day or afternoon, but it turns out that the day has been extended, on each side, and should be for three days now, all being well,  and finishing with a tea party for the old folks and a memorabilia exhibition on at the same time. No doubt by then I should have some paintings done of the village, because that’ll make it of more general interest for the visitors, and its a pretty enough village with some areas well worth depicting in watercolours. So, I am excited to be part of the celebrations, and delighted that I am having a solo exhibition. I’m sure most villages will be doing something for their inhabitants, with tea parties and family fun the order of the bank holiday weekend. So, all very English, all very traditional, and all something I shall enjoy. It just means one thing……………… no erotica. Only, the vanilla! 🙂