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The new year starts with a bang not with a whimper

The old year certainly ended with a bang, at  the masked ball (well more of a disco really but who am I to argue) I went to on new years eve. I’ve always always always wanted to go to a masked ball (they’re sooooo sexy to me, even though I knew it wasn’t going to be anything like “Eyes wide shut” which was set in a stunning large country house)  and it was just the sort of sensual party that as an erotic artist filled me with inspiration for new paintings in the new year. The fact it was a masked black tie do was the main reason – I adore masks, and especially the sexy, erotic ones that cover part of the face, and leave the mouth uncovered, they’re so full of promise. And when its accompanied with sexy men in black dinner suits, or gorgeous women in sexy party dresses, it all adds to the glamour of the occasion! My mask was turquoise and gold which seemed the right colours for me since gold is the colour I feel inside, and turquoise is the colour that illuminates me, the one that inspires me, like a moth to a flame, I have to go to it, and I know its also the colour of communication, which as a signal has certainly worked, as you’ll see as you read this. The champagne on the table, along with balloons, crackers, party poppers, and florescent wrist bands added to the party fun atmosphere for the packed room, and after the countdown to the new year, and everyone had wished each other a happy new year, kissed, hugged, and been outside for the magical crackling and popping  firework display, the smell of the gunpowder filling my nostrils in the cold crisp night air, I felt it was a good omen for 2012.

I just didn’t realise how quickly the omen’s would start clicking into place!

Today is the second day of the first month of the new year, and today ALONE, I have had an amazing connection with so many diverse people from different parts of the country, different parts of my life, and from different times in my life, that I am astonished that the portal is so gapingly open with all the connections rushing through it!

It started last night with a guy ringing me from Manchester, in the north west of the country, to ask me to help him improve his erotic art as he’s seen the art I do, loves my website, found me through the Guild of Erotic Artists (based in Hertfordshire) and loves the fact I’m so unusual in being a female artist specialising in erotic artist. So, he’s after in-depth lessons in erotic art from me, and really enjoyed the hour and a half chat we had about how we’re going to arrange the logistics of it.

The next important phone call of the day was with an old friend, and the reason I made the call was because he’d requested to be a “friend” on Facebook. A name I knew so well as the husband of a very dear friend of mine from Derby in the middle of the country, and someone I’d not spoken to for a number of years, when time moves on, you grow apart, new things happen in your life, and you don’t make the effort to keep in touch. We’ve all done it. But I made that call on the spur of the moment  to say hello, and was shocked at the response I got when I spoke to him. We went through the pleasantries of saying hello, and he asked me if I’d heard about his wife. Noooooo, I said, with a feeling of “Why, what’s happened?” She’d had a stroke, he explained, 18 months ago, totally out of the blue. No, I didn’t know anything about that. He gave me the details, and let me speak to her afterwards, and it was good to hear her voice, and to talk to her. She was tearful, as you’d expect, but it was good to talk with her, and try to say positive things to her, to help her in her difficult situation, to send love, and re-connect.

 I had other phone calls over the day, with others over the country some who have problems in their lives, all different issues, and various different ways of sorting them out. I try to help when I’m asked, but sometimes I know the advice I might give, or do give, is ignored. I’m not saying that my advice is the right advice, its just the way I’d deal with it in my practical way. But, others have different ways, and I have to respect that even when its difficult to step away from it.

Mid-afternoon  I went for a walk in the late sunshine and bumped into a woman I met late last summer, who is fascinated in the fact that I am an artist, and is interested in my doing a local art exhibition to celebrate the Diamond Jubilee next year. She invited me back to her house for a cup of tea, in elegant china cups, a slice of delicious home made Christmas cake, and showed me her delightful house built in 1810 and one that she was born in over 80 years ago, full of character with the glorious original features of stone thrall sink, Aga, traditional fireplaces, original wobbly glass windows, and Victorian tiled floors. We chatted for almost two hours, and made arrangements to meet later in the week to look at suitable venues for this art exhibition that she and I both want me to do.  I liked the fact she is a do-er, like me, and am so glad I bumped into her again in the winter sunshine. 

I’ve just had another call tonight, at gone 9pm, again out of the blue (this communication portal has been kicked wide open today!) from a guy in Cambridgeshire, that I’ve not heard from for some months although we had long conversations through last year regarding a painting he wants me to do for him, one of sensual massage, which is just the sort of thing I love to paint. I had given up on him, I must admit and had presumed he’d gone off the idea since I’d heard nothing from him for so long. But, no, he’s still wanting it, and I explained firmly that I need some ideas from him, some building blocks to build the painting on, rather than just a vague idea with no substance to it. Give me some ideas and I can make a painting for you. I really want to paint his idea for him, it sounds a wonderfully sensual concept, but I need more info before I can do it. Plus, we’ve not even started talking about prices, although he doesn’t seem to think that’s a problem.  I wish everyone thought like that!

But, the conversation I have had today which has been the most important, the most uplifting, has been with a guy called Chris, from London. I met him at the new years eve party I went to in Kent, and sat chatting with him the next day, and found him to be one of the most positive, and life loving guys I’ve ever met. I loved his positive attitude, his passions, his interests, his joy of life, his sense of humour, his interesting conversations, and ease of company. I was delighted he found me so appealing too, and we swapped business cards, so that we can talk about his love of glamour photography, and I can talk about my love of  erotic art. He’s offered to send some photos to me for me to do some art from, and I have accepted. He sent me a text earlier today to say he was standing on Brighton beach on the south coast, and how much he liked meeting me at the weekend, and for us to stay in touch. I replied equally positive about his suggestions by text, and he rang straight away and we had another long chat in the winter sunshine with over a hundred miles between us. He said he was down in Brighton looking for the studio of a particular body-caster (someone who is in the Guild of Erotic Artists, the same as me) as he wanted to offer his body to be cast. He know’s he has an unusual body, but he doesn’t want to live his life hiding it. He is aware that people stare at him, and that is something that he will always have to live with. But, he can accept it, and turn it to positive effect. You see, he was born into a body that in full adulthood is 48 inches tall. But there are no restrictions in his life because he won’t let there be. He drives, his house has not been modified for his short stature.  But like me (I’m only five feet 2 inches tall) he has learnt to climb if he needs to reach something high on a kitchen shelf, or ask a  nearby tall person in the supermarket to reach it down, with a smile of thanks. He may be short on height, but he’s big on positive attitude, and I saw him with the most gorgeous tall, slim, attractive girl after the party at the weekend, beacuse he knows, its down to smiling at people, making good eye contact, touching a hand, and holding a conversation, and its down to positive approach that gets things done, not whatever barriers you put up in your head. He’s an amazingly inspirational guy, and one I am pleased to have met and know I shall meet again. The fact I met him at the beginning of this year, is something I shall bear in mind as the year goes on.

The message I have learnt on this second day of this first month of this stupendous year, if you haven’t already realised, is that life is for living whilst you can, some problems are self created and easily rectified, and a positive attitude gets things done, that no communication causes problems, and good strong positive communication opens so many doors.

I have found inspiration in places I wasn’t expecting.


2 thoughts on “The new year starts with a bang not with a whimper”

  1. This is a most enjoyable and uplifting post, and I couldn’t sum it up better than you did in your last paragraph. You might not be successful in everything you try, but you won’t be successful if you don’t try.

  2. Hardin – thankyou! And exactly, if you don’t try, or ask, how can you get anywhere? And if you don’t take that step forward, then all you’ll do is stay where you are. That’s fine, I will add, if where you are is where you want to be, and don’t want any changes. But if you’re not happy with what you’ve got, and where you are, then, positive communication gets things changed.

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