Looking fondly back and stepping forward with alacrity

Published on 30/12/2011

Well, 2011 has certainly brought some interesting aspects into my life and although I might…

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It may be cat heaven but

Published on 28/12/2011

Christmas was all I hoped it would be. Perfect and tasty traditional fare prepared and cooked at a…

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Hold the Christmas spirit tight

Published on 23/12/2011

Talking to various friends over the course of this last week both sides enquiring about…

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No sugar coated placebos

Published on 20/12/2011

One of the things I love, are the unexpected side effects.  They give me as…

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So what’s wrong with a smile and eye contact for goodness sake

Published on 17/12/2011

The last weekend before Christmas, and I had to head into the local town. Not…

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Forget the whiskery goats and head for the red

Published on 14/12/2011

Where to start? I should be writing half a dozen blog posts, not just the…

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Feeding my addiction

Published on 09/12/2011

I have to confess, much as it surprises me, I have an addiction. Other than drinking daily…

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It’s knowing what someone wants and offering it to them

Published on 07/12/2011

But the cleverness is in finding out that that elusive *thing* IS first! I don’t always…

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Members arise!

Published on 03/12/2011

My writer friend Stuart Hayward rang me this week to tell me he’d looked at…

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